Monday, May 3, 2010

The Cause and Cure of Disease, Pain and Suffering.. and the Truth of the 2012 concept..

Something has been forming for a while now and wanting me to write about it, but it always seemed such a big subject, it was daunting. So I’m just going to flow with it and see what happens.  This has to do with why humans get disease, and pain…
and also why things happen in our lives.
 So where do I start?….
OK, this brings us back to a previous discussion about “Karma”,
 because that is the word that has come to best define these things.
So in order to understand these things we need to understand how Karma works….
 What is it that causes the wheel of Karma to Turn?
And to understand this we must first understand about the evolution of the human soul.
So we’ll start with that.
This of course can be seen from all different angles, so I’m gonna keep my explanations as close to archetypal as possible, and you can take it from there.
So, … a human soul could be called a “split-off”.
OK, we gotta take this all the way back to the beginning of this particular…. Incarnation of God.
In the beginning there was nothing…. Blackness…void…Nothing
Suddenly, seemingly from out of Nowhere (but really from out of Everything that was the Life before), appears one Lighted thing…..
And right away it feels this compulsion to Experience…to evolve. 
In fact to evolve is it’s main compulsion.  
So it appears in this blackness,
 then there was this shudder within it…
And suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere…..
a mirror image of the First appeared. 
 It was a mirror image…
yet there was very slight difference.
 The first one and second one were tied together with a cord of Light….
and this cord seemed to determine the space that kept them apart.
Well the second one was there for an instant, before it also shuddered,
and a mirror image of it was created…
connected to the others by this golden cord.
 Well these Pieces of Light that seemed to appear from out of nowhere, kept replicating…and replicating….. over and over…and expanding outward, each held to a specific spot in the whole of the Creation that their Unity was forming…  So you have this outwardly expanding rolling ball of Light, made up of the Gazillion Lights of each “split-off”.  And within this giant spiderweb each connection of the lines was a Soul, and each soul had a very specific allotted space to fill, in this web.  Now even as this “God” expands outward through the replicating of the individual souls…so the individual souls grow within their positions in the web….and they grow to a point where they fill their allotted position in the web.  Suddenly they are rubbing up against all the souls around them in the web. Souls who had also grown to fill their allotted positions.
OK, now understand that evolution could be described as a wheel turning one way completely….then once a complete turn is made, it turns back upon itself.
The part where the “split off’s” are expanding to fill their allotted position in the Web, is the First turn of the evolutionary wheel.
Once the allotted position has been filled, the wheel changes direction. (after seemingly sitting still for a few moments).
And the Force….
that Turns this Wheel
Is Karma.
So let’s talk about how Karma works…
In the First Turn of the Wheel,
that I’ll call the “Path to Culmination”, henceforth,
 the power that motivates the Evolution
Is the power of desire….and Fear
The soul defines it’s unique placement in this Huge Web that we’ll henceforth call God,
through seeking what it desires…
and shunning what it Fears.
Generally seeking what they think is Good
And shunning what they think, or feel is Bad.
So the soul defines itself towards Culmination,
 through seeking to fulfill desires
And through shunning what it thinks is “Bad”,
And so Fears.
This is the natural process of the first part of the evolutionary path
for every human that ever existed.
This is kinda of the part that the “Church”
For whatever twisted reason
Determined was “Evil”
And was under the domain of their favorite arch villain, Satan.
Well I guess that’s understandable
I’ve seen it a million times, and even in myself
Because once a soul culminates…and it’s direction changes upon the Wheel,
It gets a glimpse of the Light that it came from..
Back there in the distance….
And really every prior experience pales in comparison to that….
So you figure that’s Good,
as compared to being mired in the drama of life….
which of course in the same logic…must be bad.

OK, now we are getting down to it. 
Good/ Bad…..
Yick! and YUMMM! (formerly Yin and Yang)
This is the sacred path to Culmination..
And yes, it’s full of Drama….
And all kinds of wild and crazy stuff….
But that’s OK,
It’s the way it is….
But once culmination is Reached,
and the soul turns it’s eyes back upon the path it has traveled up
for these millennium….
We’ll call this the “Path to Oneness”
The duality begins to loosen it’s grip..
BUT, every single thing we have judged throughout those millennium
In some dualistic fashion…
We must face on the road back…
But now it is no longer desire and fear that is pushing us along.
Rather it is a Love,
That makes the “Good and the Bad”…the same.
Now an interesting thing is that all these things that we have judged in a dualistic fashion for these long ages…gets “stored” in physical positions in our bodies. A trauma of being hit on our arm, and it hurting…
Placed a judgment of “bad” upon the experience…
And that judgment planted the trauma energetically within us.
OK, I’m gonna tell you something that’s at the roots of how Karma works…
It’s about energy…my friends.
A thought of “bad” upon a thing…a feeling of “bad” placed upon a thing…..
Puts a negative energetic charge upon it. The things we desire we place a positive charge..  If the scientists haven’t proven this yet, they will very soon.
So we have basically totally embedded all these judgments within our bodies…with positive and negative charges attached to them.
And all those things that we have placed a negative judgment upon….
We suppress.
We don’t want to hear the neighbor scream at his wife…. We look away from the “bum” layin in the street. We tighten up our ears to the sound of the dang dog that never stops barking.   We suppress everything we don’t “Like”… And here is the clencher…. We have these negative charged things that we suppress….. and how do we suppress. Not only do we refuse to see, or hear…or feel certain things….. but we take it one step further, to the point of “removing our breath” from these things.
OK, here comes a heavy Esoteric Truth.
We maintain the energy we allow something…
With our breath
We suppress by not only withholding sight, sound and feelings….but by withholding our Breath from those things we have suppressed.
AND, the flip side is that when we see something we desire….
Our pupils actually dilate..
Our hearing actually gets better and our sense of feel is Heightened.
And we breath into what we desire.
For a lot of my life I barely breathed
Because there was so much I didn’t want to see, or feel or hear….
I actually went to the Doctor when I was maybe 13
Because I was always fainting, or feeling faint.
Our wise old Doctor Williams walked in the room and sat down….
Not saying anything much for a few minutes…
Then he said,” Jeffrey, we’ve been in here about 5 minutes…
in that time I’ve only seen you inhale once…
Breathe!, he said…
And as I say all kinds of these things become stored in almost every cubic inch of our bodies….
So what this means is that there are some areas of our body,,,
That we don’t allow our “breath” to go.
Now I realize this might sound like a weird concept…
But it’s one that if understood can bring one to perfect Health and Balance.
I’ll try to explain…
A person who has culminated is literally one huge body of negative and positive judgments.
And even though the soul has made it’s sacred statement through Culminating….
Has done nothing “wrong”.
Souls at this stage can be very unhealthy.
Here is an important point…
 Make a note
A perfectly culminated soul

Is not a perfected soul

Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler could have been perfectly culminating their sacred expressions.
In the Path to Culmination each soul has a unique and separate expression to make.
 And that expression could be totally radical…
but that is exactly the spot in the Web it was destined to fill.
So a culminated soul is this vast collection of judgments,
Held spatially within the persons aura…
Each hatred, fear, trauma, all stored energetically within the person.
So, the first time you were ever burned by fire, thousands of years ago…
It can still be stored in whatever body part was burned.
And for all these years we have suppressed that area…
Withheld our breath from that area.
And we have all these energetic judgments held within us, that we either breath too much into…or don’t breathe into at all. 
Guess what……
 that will be what motivates pain and dis ease in that area.
An energetic Imbalance based within dualistic judgments.
The fact is, even when we just have a misc. injury,
Someone throws a ball at our head….OUCH
The crazy thing is that what lies behind the pain
What sustains it….
Is past judgments.
Now let’s be real clear here…
This isn’t like a punishment for being a judgmental person.
You have no choice..
The road to Culmination is built upon dualistic judgments
It’s just the Way…
But it’s also at the heart of all human pain and suffering.
So what’s the solution….?
How do we get beyond all that Pain and suffering?
Rule #1.  It’s Not about seeking “good” and shunning “bad… he he
Rule # 2. Meditate….. Be silent
Rule #3. Cease Judging  (cool it with the Yic and Yum)
Rule #4. Breathe into ALL of IT…. Quietly… and deeply
Rule # 5. Love it All

Pretty simple Huh….
Yeah Right….I wish…

OH, and here’s the Sequel for you 2012 folks to ponder…
OK, as we left off from our story, all the souls were replicating outward.  There was this huge Ball of all the souls,
with all the pieces connected by this golden cord
and individually held in place within the whole.
And the first souls that had replicated, and that had culminated….and started pushing up against their neighbors who had also grown to fill their allotted spots…..
After a while they start to merge…
and you have this huge outwardly expanding/replicating ball of interconnected lights….
with the ones in the center merging together into one Light.
So it’s like a Sun, with a very condensed center.
 (of the souls that had merged together.)
OK, well now here is the wild and crazy thing I never would have suspected…..
There is a limit to how far this “God” can expand..
There is a point when the whole Culminates…
When God Fills His Allotted Space…
And what happens then is that instead of expanding outwardly…
Instead of freely replicating across empty space…suddenly there is a Wall.
An end to the outward replication.
And what happens then is that the replications turn back within the whole….
It’s not possible for them to stop doing that just because God hit the Wall so to Speak.
Now the inward replication puts a pressure on the whole web…and everything starts being pushed together from the outside….
Not just the gradual expansion any more
Because now the web is being compressed.
On one level you could say that the Light intensity of the whole is being amplified…compressed.
  God is reaching a point of “critical mass” .
What people are calling the “Quickening” is a result of this Pressure of Light.
Well the replicating keeps going on, and this “quickens” the Culmination…. and the “Path to Oneness”.
And all of a sudden this whole Body of Lights merges into One Thing….. One Body of Light.
And suddenly in the Darkness,
 seemingly from out of nowhere
(but really from out of Everything that was the Life before),
 appears one Lighted thing…..


  1. star o'ryanMay 4, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    spiritual supernova, I love it. And science can prove it. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. Stars (which are the same as us, body and energy) expand, contract, explode, and give birth to new stars, planets, monkeys, flowers, etc..Every single molecule gets recycled, so why not souls?

  2. Wow! You explained this all beautifully. :)

  3. jeff, this reminds me of the gnostic scriptures! i like the idea of breathing into everything. even my foot? i will try! (seriously.)

    <3 e



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