Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Breakfast Bliss and the rest of the Day too...

OK, 57 years old today. "Holy Old dude Batman"..  Don't feel old....and after this amazing Breakfast I felt down right teenagerish. This is a Breakfast to Remember.  Take a look then I'll tell ya all about it.
OK, we don't eat Gluten and boy do we miss bread.  (We're saving up for some rice sourdough starter) But for my birthday we got some Rice English Muffins.  I smeared them with fresh local farm pure unpasteurized butter and browned em. Then last night Taryn made an amazing spinach coconut curry. We put that on top of the English Muffin....then on top of that we put some of Deck Family Farms amazing bacon, then on top of that we put eggs plucked out from under the chickens this morning.....  AND, Freddies had the best Grapefruit on sale, 5 for a dollar...YEE HAW.. I sectioned them and put Honey on top...  
Then I hauled a truck load of wood then worked outside the rest of the day...forgetting lunch and I'd have told you about the amazing Deck Family Farm pork roast dinner with Sweet Potato and corn pics but by then I was so starving I just had to get to eatin it, no time for takin pics.
My amazing wife gave me such a great present. She made me an all natural pillow of wool stuffed in cotton.  I can't wait to sleep on it.  It was a wonderful day, going to take a bath then watch a movie and have buttered popcorn with brewers yeast..... Yum.... 


  1. Welcome to the 57 crowd! I can't believe I'm that age either! Sounds like you had a truly marvelous day Jeff. Like the sound of that pillow! That breakfast was finger licking good to just read about!

    John Matrau

  2. I am inspired towards making my next birthday this awesome!



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