Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Master and Student and the Key to Enlightenment

Master and Student
By Jeff Wilson

Once upon a time high in the Himalayan mountains in a cave there was an Enlightened Master. One day his most zealous student came into the cave with a burning question. The Master was sitting there with his eyes closed and a calm expression on his face. The student pondered upon whether or not he should interrupt the old Sage, and finally his impatience got the better of him.
“Master, please show me the Path to Enlightenment,” the young student asked.
The master said nothing, just remained there as silent and unmoving as a stone. The student was beside himself with aspiration for Enlightenment and once again asked, more loudly this time, ”Master, please show me the Path to Enlightenment.”. Again the Master did not move, did not blink an eye, just remained as still and silent as a stone.
Well the student was getting a little angry at his Master for not helping him with his question and once more he queried the old sage, this time in a very loud voice,” Master, please tell me how do I find peace of mind, how do I achieve Enlightenment?”
Well the master opened his eyes and looked right into the eyes of the student and said,” Shut up, Shut up SHUT UP!!!”
Well the student ran from the cave very hurt and angry, and left the Teacher to become a farmer.

Sadly he didn’t realize that his request to be shown the path, was answered
…as well as his request to be told the Path to Enlightenment…

He he

It’s the lack of mental and emotional silence that deprives us of Enlightenment…..
The answer “Shut Up”….was very concise…. 
No wasted words….

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