Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deck Family Farm

Real Food....Real People

Well today was the first day of Saturday Market. And for the third year in a row I missed it due to what is becoming a tradition I could live without....namely I got the flu, third year in a row in the same week, weird.
We have been looking forward to Market for quite a while now, but more than making a few dollars we really wanted to go to pick up our CSA box from Deck Family Farms.
As most of you readers know Taryn and I are all about good food, and rather than spending money on "stuff", good food is our first priority.
  Taryn did tons of research on local farmers, looking for good grass fed meat...we can't seem to bring ourselves to buy the nutrient lacking, poison and fear filled factory farmed "meat" that is available in the stores...and even the "organic" store bought meat is questionable.  So after a lot of research we decided to give Deck Family Farm a try.
We were not disappointed, in fact much the opposite.
Now if you haven't eaten "real" grass fed meat before let me warn tastes different. It has this quality not found in store bought meats, hmmm..what can I call it....OH yeah, FLAVOR.
So, even though I was at home developing a personal relationship with the throne in our "restroom", Taryn ventured all the way over to the big city to pick up our CSA box.  Now I have to tell you that this is like a monthly Christmas for us because you never know exactly what you'll get, but it's always wonderful.  She finally came home with the box and OH MY God, it was like a box full of heaven. "Lamb Salami"...we love lamb. I actually hated it until we got some from Deck, and I figured out a way to cook it that makes it taste like meat candy, if you can imagine that. Pork Roast, Steaks, Sausage, Real Bacon with no deadly chemicals.... hamburger, etc.  With the baby on the way, Taryn can eat a box like this by herself in a few days...(just kidding honey) NOT...he he.
Now let me tell you something about these folks at Deck.  I went one time out to their beautiful farm to pick up a box. These are folks with integrity...they raise their animals with love and respect. One of their beautiful milkers was looking out of the barn at me and I swear she was smiling. 
Now I have to be truthful here, when I went out there I thought maybe they were some kind of weird cult that only allowed it's members to be beautiful women. Everywhere I looked there was some beautiful woman doing was pleasantly strange.  I imagine that is a testament to the magical qualities of their Meat.
I spoke with Christine who was very nice and knowledgeable and who knew about Weston A Price...(Taryn's Hero).
Here is a link to their web site and blog where you can get an idea of what wonderful folks they are.
Their Website
So if you want to eat the way a human was meant to eat, good quality naturally raised grass fed meat, give these folks a try. We only ate meat from their farm all last year, and our health got so much better. HMM, I just realized that I didn't get the flu until we had run out of their meat for a couple of months...hmmm, could be...

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