Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free to be Fertile.. Free to be Free

I was contacted by a wonderful woman by the name of Lisa. She liked a stone carving I had done that was set with turquoise and she wondered if I could replace the turquoise with moonstone. She was interested in a fertility pendant.   I told her swapping the stone wasn't really possible but that I did have some Moonstone and would look in my rock drawer to see if I had something similar.   So I went and opened the drawer, and sitting right on the middle, was this perfect pregnant belly fertility stone.  I've been wanting to do fertility pendants but we don't have much need around here for one, with Taryn getting pregnant on our first try...and 5 pregnant goats outside gettin ready to pop.
Well here was the glorious opportunity, and the stone was perfect, it even had (you can barely see in the picture) a natural spiral line going into the belly .... a spiral being  something Lisa suggested I work into the was there, I just carved along it.... Amazingly magical...  This is why I love this "vocation".

Then I was sitting here with this raging pain in my tooth, seeing it energetically as caused by a lot more than a careless dentist doing piss poor work...  I've been seeing some of my physical problems energetically lately, seeing how most of them seem to be coming from areas of myself I basically try to ignore, and since fertility was on my mind, I extrapolated the following blog post..

I feel that in this life or past lives there was a traumatically caused judgment/attachment made to women’s Reproductive areas that is at the center of many women’s infertility. These judgments/attachments we humans basically collect, and they pretty much define us, up to a certain point of our evolution.. Polarized ideas of Good and bad…  These labels of good and bad that we apply to our world in our never ceasing effort to understand our worlds.… actually imparts an energetic charge, to that which we are judging. And realistically whenever we apply our mental and emotional charges we distort that which we judge…from it’s truth a little bit.
Many of us have been around this Creation for quite some time, and over that long period of time it’s possible that many really horrible things have happened to us. Certainly if we were female in many past lives there’s a pretty good chance we were abused by some man…. More than once…… many many times……. And to this area of ourselves we attach many things…anger, pain, guilt, maybe even hatred….. And it doesn’t just go away, and we carry it from life to life….. and it disrupts the energetic truth of that area. And this leads to all kinds of probs…

And if you’ve ever been a guy in a past life or a few, or many….there’s a real good chance that you had to kill somebody and experience the shear terror of that and of war….. And many things attached with that experience…… like maybe guilt for abusing your wife as an outlet for your anger, fear, etc.   And we carry all this stuff, all these judgments that have no real purpose.…and they come to define us, right down to a DNA level…… And that carries from life to life. By now humans have collected so many judgment attachments to pretty much everything….that their total energetic balance ….is off.
How many of our judgments upon ourselves come about when we try to exist within other folks ideas of who we are, or should be?

All of the physical problems I have or have had come from some aspect of Myself that I am suppressing, or putting too much energy into. Suppressing seeing how incredibly incredibly stupid I always “was”…. Every time I learn sumpin reminds me of how stupid I was only moments before…he he.  And I don’t want to see that…it makes me feel bad…. So I suppress it….not going to see how stupid I was…… la la la la la    But then I keep getting slapped on the back of my head cuz I never expected my Stupid past self to sneak up on me… But then that slap turns out to be a sore freakin tooth, or a chronic intestinal problem…or whatever.  So Maybe I oughta just love my stupid self.

I once had a Teacher tell me,” You are not the reflection that you see in the mirror,
you are the one who is doing the looking at the reflection”.
Basically that I was not what I judged myself to be,
Rather I was the one who was judging who I was……
Therefore I was beyond what I was judging….
That change of perspective kind of changed my life at the time…

Are you the person you judge yourself to be
Or are you the one Judging….?

And I wonder what would happen if we stopped judging..
And simply loved the pure dance of Life that it All is…
I wonder?

To not have pain, and to be in perfect health is as simple as::
Forgiving and releasing the judgments we have accepted from others,
 And/or placed on ourselves and the world around us..
 To “forgive” them by Loving them…
and loving ourselves….
All we have to do is release lifetimes of Guilt, fear, anger, resentment, pain, fury, ….. Simple as that…he he

But you know what,
it’s OK….
Because there is nothing within you….
That isn’t loveable
That isn’t glorious to behold…
That requires a judgment to be placed upon it in the first place…
Every cell in your body
Has at it’s center…
A power and Light of a million suns
Within you lies a perfect eternity
And within a Perfect Eternity,
You lie.
So maybe we oughta start focussing on that….
That’d balance us right up…


  1. Jeff - you made my day with this post. I'm gonna walk my dogs, and mull on it. I'm convinced that I did some hideous things in past lives, which is why I tend to be wary of judging people - but judging myself? Aye - different story. And the stone pendant? Awesome!

  2. See, right there..."You did hideous things"
    A judgment upon yourself, with a negative connotation. We do this about as easily as we breathe... but it's a habit I want to break.

  3. Just beautiful. That has so much power, it has the energy to harmonize and balance. It is what my higher self wanted my lower self to hear. Bless You.

  4. This resonated with me quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.



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