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Why "bad" things happen to "good" people...

My daughter asked me this today, because some good folks she knows keep having hard core things happen to them. I couldn't answer her at the time, not having a "short" answer for that one.... But tonight I wrote this to her, but I wanted to share it with my friends out there as well.
Hi Sweetie,
You asked today why things like that happen to good people.   It’s not an easy , or well short thing to explain….but it is for a reason…..and a good one. One word for it is Karma, but I hesitate from using that word because it is generally mis-understood.  So let me say right up front that Karma has nothing to do with “Punishment”.  People didn’t “do anything wrong” to “deserve” it.  A lot of Church’s push the whole guilt thing on folks…. And we have been swayed for thousands of years from the “Church” into actually believing that there is some relevance to Guilt…. Guilt is one of the Church’s hooks.  And over those thousands of years on this planet that the “church” has imposed this idea of guilt upon mankind, it has actually become a part of most humans DNA. And Guilt….a very un natural (and worthless) thing, is a part of most humans.  But it is not a part of any real Law that dictates how things are in this Universe.  We have been hypnotized, as part of the plan of evolution, to, when our souls are still young and finding their unique separate expression, to believe and be part of a duality of Good and Evil, pleasure and Pain. In fact we form who we “are” based upon seeking that which we desire (good), and running from that which is Painful (bad).   And upon our perceptions within this duality of good and bad, pleasure and Pain we define that unique separate expression that each of our souls are destined to make.   You can think of everything “good” as having a positive charge, and everything “Bad” having a negative charge……. And you will see that Karma is simply a basic energetic Law that rules the universe of duality… Everything in Creation is “energetic”. From each atom within us…to the planets that circle around suns….. It’s all Energetic…. A flux between positive and negative……. And built in to this whole dance of energy is the fact that it seems that All this energy, on all levels, seeks to find a Place of Balance (within the polarity). Karma is this Law, the Law of Seeking Balance.

Now we’re going to change our viewpoint a bit, take another perspective.

Souls have a certain “process” about their evolution…
A soul is born and …
look at it like this:
 God is All Souls and All Creation
Each soul is like a cell in God’s body
We Create God…all souls and Creation is the “Body” of what we call God.
And God Makes us, as our placement in the Body of God determines our souls unique separate expression..
So within the All we’ll call God
We have our special and unique placement…
And this determines “our souls expression”.
But here is the Thing,
Once a soul makes it’s unique separate expression…
When it has, on one level, Filled it’s position in the Web of God
Then the evolution changes.
No longer is one defining themselves by adding judgments upon judgments upon judgments….
Because this is how souls had grown before…
Do you realize that on some level we have judgments placed on pretty much everything that surrounds us…
Either we “Like” something, or we dislike it.
On a persons body, in fact, every trauma gets stored at the site of the trauma….
And it does this because we attach a judgment to the trauma…. As “Bad”
And suddenly that plants it idea of “Bad” on the site of the trauma….
These even carry over through lifetimes.
A trauma in a past life
Can give you cancer in this one…
Simply because.
 a Judgment held at that position for any amount of time
 means that for that amount of time,
 that area has been energetically “out of Balance”…
Because when a judgment is made upon a thing,
 it put’s it out of balance with that person…
So we ignore that area or whatever…
And energetically it is “Not right”
but all this judging of things,
This pulling to ourselves with our desire
And pushing things away with our fear….
Gives us an energetic relationship with every single freakin thing we come across in our worlds.
We become puppets of our Judgments…
Slaves to our ideas, and feelings …of good and bad.
“Judge Not Lest ye Be Judged”
is a simple and powerful statement,
that will lead a soul to Freedom,
if the words were actually heeded.
It is not that some huge white guy God dude with an attitude will Judge you,
if you judge somebody else,
But it’s simple Law.
If you place a judgment upon a thing
You are putting upon it an energy
 that places it into a polarity
that requires it to seek Balance
within the polarity.
Every judgment we make places a polarity upon something else…
Yin and Yang, constantly pushing upon each other…seeking balance.
This seeking balance…is Karma

And this is OK, it’s the way it works…..
But, once our souls make their unique separate expression…..
well then our whole direction changes.
No longer collecting, based upon judgments of good and bad
But rather walking back down the path we just came up…
making all those judgments in duality.
But now we are facing these things we had judged….
And we are facing them with Love
And we see how our judgments were kind of like created from Illusions,
 based upon other illusions. 
And the path becomes an un ravelling of all the judgments we had clothed our souls in.

Here’s something pretty concise I wrote some time ago that explains Karma. It’s from a discussion I was having to some folks online

“Jeff Wilson:   This is a reply I made on another forum on the topic of Karma, the person speaking of the fallacy of it being a system of reward/punishment. I wanted to share it here.

I agree, the punishment/reward concept was not really what Karma is really about.
All throughout our evolution as souls judgements are made...
dualistic assumptions which we impose on the simple truths of Life...
dualistic assumptions that rob us of clear vision...
And when these dualistic assumptions are labeled "bad"...we repress them....
when they are labeled "good" we desire them.
The problem with the "bad" is we put forth a lot of energy to push it away from ourselves...
to hide it in dark corners of ourselves where we don't have to deal with it. But all the energy that it takes to maintain it in it's dark place...gives it a new life , and this life has no real existence...except in our Fear.
And as our fear feeds it...it grows and grows...yet with our mighty wills we still hold it at bay.
Well, guess what...we can't do that forever... We have to face the things we have judged as bad and feared eventually....
They ALL come back eventually.
And as you say, rather than look at this as a cause of suffering...
it becomes our path to Freedom.
Karma is our path to Freedom..
At some point we all turn on the road we have traveled,
we are returning to our Source..
.but upon this road we encounter ALL those things we have judged good and bad on our trip up the road...
The bad ones have become our Demons...
the Good ones...our illusions...
Yet now we face them without Judgement...
without fear or desire...
and this allows them to be what they really are....
just another star in the sky...
This is our Karma....
facing our judgements...
Simple as that.

OH, and don’t judge the judgments….he he..

And to answer your question one step further……
Many of our “trials” we set up in between Life times.
During the death process, towards the end of it,
is a stage where we basically decide our next life.
We have some help during this stage,
because we actually travel in Groups…
And since souls are always in the process of finding completion
Or of finding balance…..
In between lives we actually can do a lot more evolving, than we do in our lives…
And in between we kind of set up, what we need in the next life
To either help us find completion
Or to help us find balance…
 So we kind of set up our next life’s lessons..
We choose a general path that will aid us
Because when we’re in that  particular stage between lives
That I call ,”the White Hall”
We are a lot more …Hmmm,
Clear headed…and free of emotion

Things happen because we choose them to happen so we can culminate our unique expression
Or so that we can find balance  within the Oneness beyond duality.
AND because Karma is an energetic Law that pulls us from one polarity,
To another…
Seeking balance, or resolution…

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  1. Well said my wonderful and wise cousin.....



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