Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crappa Doodle Doo

CRASH !!!!    AAAARRGGHHHH!!!!  Expletive, expletive, expletive.
So today I had hoped to finish the Greenhouse.  It was crazy amazing. I had just the number of windows, and looks like probably just the number of nails I’ll need. So I’m putting in two of the last windows. On the side next to the door. It took a long time with a hammer and chisel and chain saw to cut out a notch to fit the last window in.  I wanted it to look really great and just use two huge slices of log to hold both windows in, so I had to install two windows at once. This really was a two person job but I didn’t want to go and take Taryn from whatever she was doing…and to be truthful knew it would take time for her to get organized and come out….and I’m the worlds least patient person.  So I decided to try and do it myself.   Then the upper of the two windows, a beautiful double paned window that matched nicely the one below it……. Took a nose dive out of the frame…and I couldn’t stop it…and it came crashing down into a zillion pieces and shards.    This was a weird size window…and I cut out a space for it to fit like a glove…..   Managed to have just enough old windows collected to fill all the openings….. then the freakin thing took a nose dive, and I don’t have another one to fill the big hole…  Crappa doodle doo….
Will I ever learn to just ask for help when I need it?
Let’s hope.
So the plan is to see if I can dismantle that frame…take a piece of glass out of a double window I cut apart with a hack saw, to fill another spot….and take my last piece of glass in to a glass shop and see how much they’ll charge to cut and fit it back in the frame.  But we are in the beginning of a month with all the bills to pay and we had a nasty surprise from the power company.  A bill that was an amount of about three months use. Seems the leaky hose I fixed down to the goat pen, and a I think a faulty ballast to a light in my shop….had the meter running fast circles…… So…I guess I’ll just stick some plastic in the hole for a while….and finish up all I can, until I can get the window fixed…….. Did I already say, Crappa Doodle Doo.
But on the good side there was an old gate I had to remove from the old garden entrance because it was in the way of the greenhouse and getting it done.  And on one side of the garden we had a couple posts that have been waiting for a gate....for a very long time.  Now there is a gate there, and we can easily go from the garden to the chicken yard without a big detour...and it looks really good. 

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