Monday, April 12, 2010

Simply Awesome...and Awesomely Simple Chicken Vegetable Curry

Simply Awesome...and Awesomely Simple Chicken Vegetable Curry
over Pan Fried Rice Noodles
This turned out to be an amazing meal, so I thought I'd share it with my friends.. But I'm afraid we ate it all, so I just have the recipe to share instead...
So I started out with a big cast iron pan with some Deck Family Farm bacon Grease in it. I cut up half a huge purple onion, a few cloves of garlic, a tablespoon or so of celery seed and maybe 1/4 cup of leftover radishes from Taryn's salad. I started cooking this on med. clarifying and slightly caramelizing the mixture. Then I cut up a breast and thigh of Deck Family Farm Chicken that we cooked in a crock pot Saturday so we'd have dinner when we got home. (somehow pregnant Taryn didn't eat the whole chicken that first night).
Then I cut up a couple of carrots and threw in about 3/4 cup frozen peas. Cooked all that for a while with some soy sauce. (If I had white wine I would have used it). Cooked that a bit then added a can of Coconut milk and a modicum of curry powder. ( I'm cuttin back on Fire creating foods...and this is a pretty fiery dinner).... 
Then I added some leftover vegetable soup Taryn had made with beets, and carrots and Kale and celery and Chicken bone broth....  AAAARRRHHH    AHHHH !!!
 I stirred all this in with the coconut milk and everything else.
Meanwhile I was boiling some Rice Noodles.  They got done and I drained the water and put them in a pan with a bunch of melted organic local butter and started frying them...then I put maybe a tbs. of toasted sesame oil in the pan and fried the suckers up with some salt.   
Then I poured the coconut chicken curry sauce over the top, and Pansies!...or, violets?.... no......VIOLA!  Incredible edible tasty....
OH, and P.S.
The inspiration that I didn't follow through on....which I actually couldn't have ....cuz we didn't have a lime......was to, at the end..... squeeze a fresh half lime over the top of each of our bowls....with some finely grated  lime peel on top of that.   That would cool some of the Fire of that meal.. (like the celery seed, or celery would do.)



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