Thursday, April 8, 2010

Turkey Tail. (Not Just Old Tom's Fantasy) Miracle Cure

Turkey Tail… (Not just Old Tom’s Fantasy)

We were blessed this year with an amazing crop of Turkey Tail (Tramets Versicolor) mushrooms.
Sadly the bulk of the crop was growing out of out Gate posts out back, shortening their life span substantially.

But we also had an old apple tree stump totally covered with them. From this stump I took my bounty.  The other day I was out back and this incredible bounty prompted me to find out about this mushroom that I’ve pretty much avoided because I knew I couldn’t eat it.  So I did some research.  Holy Cow, this is a most powerful mushroom. Stops a lot of cancers, is an immune stimulant. It’s good for the heart and Spleen and very good for the liver.   Well I was needing a good liver cleanse…really badly.  Why with such an awesome diet and no “bad” habits would I need a liver cleanse?, you might ask.  Well I bought the pharmaceutical company’s evil line for the …well my whole life, believing the answer to intestional problems was their medications.  Starting on Rolaids in High School, going to the harder stuff like Zantac years later, then finally to the really hard core stuff like Prilosec.  You know they did a study with Prilosec, gave it to a group with heart burn type problems, and others without those problems…After a bit of time guess what…Now Off the Prilosec EVERYBODY had heart burn problems. So the poor folks who never had a problem now needed Prilosec to keep from having one.  Like a lot of Americans I was fooled. I think Prilosec is now the #1 selling drug.  But it does nothing for the actual problems…it only treats symptoms of the problems…while making the actual problem worse…Pretty Sneaky Huh….. Well it’s worth Billions a year, why be Truthful….?  Minor side effect is it’s very hard on the liver…. So… First I gave up Prilosec….it took about a year, reducing the little bee bee number that are packed into the capsules a little more each day. Finally a couple weeks ago after years taking it, I quit…switching to the less hard core Zantac, still can’t totally quit without EXTREME discomfort.  But I’m getting there because now I understand that GERD, and acid indigestion are caused by the over production of acid due to poor digestion letting stuff through that tells the system it’s not digested totally, so amp up the acid. The whole “valve problem” that the Pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe was a disease, is merely another symptom.  The solution is Healing the digestive track, getting it so it can work.  So I’m taking digestive enzymes and lots of Fermented foods and drinks, and Aloe. When I get some money there is an amino acid that works on the gut, healing it. I forget which one, glutathianine, or glutamine or sumpin lika dat.  So I’m still takin the Zantac at reduced doses, and my liver is screamin…. Soooo I make myself a magical soup. Not being in the possession of any good old milk thistle (the best for liver cleansing) , I decided to make some tea from the mushroom….. GAG !. It wasn’t all that Great… it tasted like mushroom tea, (go figure).. So in the middle of the night I had an inspiration.  Put it in Miso Soup, the little voice said. And I tried it and it was amazing.  So what I have prepared here is a Liver Cleansing/healing soup.
I crushed up the mushrooms.

Along with the mushrooms I added the Miso, some dandelion root, some Burdock Root, some Yellow dock root…and to thicken it up and make it go down smooth…some Slippery Elm.

  It tastes really good,
Feels really good….
So I’m happy


  1. my husband has cancer and the meds really messed up his stomach. Took him off everything except vitamins and put him on goats milk and 1 tsp honey on an empty stomach 20 min before meals. A week later he is good, blood gone from the stool, no pain. You might look into these two things for you stomach, I researced on the web and it is amazing.

  2. Thanks, after 40 years of suffering from stomach problems, I've had a really nice Healing. Haven't had a chance to write about it, but it's been about a month now, no Prilosec, no problems. I dealt with it on an energetic level.... It's wonderful. And our goats will be kidding in a week or so, then Goats milk will be a regular part of our diet again..

  3. I hunt the spring summer & fall mushrooms every year, I travel from state to state & rather the elusive morels. Over all i spend a ton of time in the woods, i just recently found out how good the Turkey Tale is for you & now as i started to gather it here & there, just enough for me & my wife. We're expecting our first child around Christmas :) We have 65 diffirent teas at home all all times, when i brew a cup, i slip a few turkey takes in & let it do it's thing. I was born & raised near Chernoble, Ukraine... therefore i have to do what i can to prevent cancer & other health problems... try to eat & drink all natural.. so far so good :)
    Alex Babich

  4. That's really cool. Wow, hunting Morels...can I come. Have you ever done any chelation therapy, or chorella for the Radiation thing?

    1. We go morel hunting every year, they are so yummy! The Montana springs are perfect for morels, we sell them to the Food Co-Op for $18.00 a pound. Which of course they mark up to $20.00 a pound. Now I will be hunting for Turkey Tails too. I go with my daughter and I have to just about drag her out of the woods sometimes. I have a WHOLE jar full of dried morels for the winters.