Sunday, May 30, 2010

Greenhouse done... and the Early Spring Garden

OK, I know it's not early Spring.... But tell that to Mother Earth in my neighborhood. It's still early Spring even though it's almost June.... and then we will instantly be in the middle of Summer.  So the Garden is still a mess because we're just starting to move plants out of the Greenhouse today. Yesterday we did Saturday Market and Taryn's Dad and his wife  came and visited us there from the Grants Pass Oregon and Taryn's step sister Rachelle and her boyfriend Pete came and visited from Seattle. They all came to our place last night and stayed till mid day was a good visit. I kinda had to keep workin through a lot of it because the work has to get done when it has to get done... So we had a good visit and I got a lot done.
I finished the Greenhouse...YAY, cleaned all the lumber out of the yard, opened the area up by cutting off a post and digging up the concrete it was set in, and pulling up an old metal post I didn't think was possible.. Then I put in a new flower bed in front of the Greenhouse... Transplanted a bunch of stuff, got most of our cole crops tucked in the ground with heaping shovels of compost, and azomite.(Miracle Clay for Minerals). We got the Zukes in the Ground and the Patty Pan squash. In the new bed in front of the greenhouse I planted Chamomile, Chinese Forget me nots. some cumin, and allysum, and I planted some Wormwood and Cumin in the Herb bed. 

The fam left and the sun came out and we laid out back in the sun and I took a little nap...then it started raining so we got to work in the Garden. All in all a lot got done today.  The chickens had a party on all the weeds we pulled up. We have 4 new baby Goats.
And I'm feeling Quite satisfied...

That's Gizmo the Cat..
Here's the two Mama's with their Brand New Kids.


  1. The greenhouse looks amazing! I love the garden too. Looking at your photos I think to myself "Oh! I can't wait to do this on our land." and the sounds I make at those adorable baby goats just can't translate into words.

  2. The greenhouse reminds me of Helen and Scott Nearing's greenhouse in Maine. It's nice to see that you're living the Good Life! - Tweedles

  3. It's an awesome greenhouse! It totally reminds me of a log cabin. What a good hangout spot for winter days too!



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