Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming out of the Scary Closet. Part 3.. Meeting “the German” and building the machine that allowed plants to “talk”.

Coming out of the Scary Closet. Part 3..
Meeting “the German” and building the machine that allowed plants to “talk”.
OK, fasten your seatbelts…It’s only going to get wilder and wilder…
So I’m not sure exactly how old I was when the Voice that I called, “The German”…or “the Scientist” appeared in my head. I think maybe 7th grade. Anyway this was a strange time for me..and a little hard to describe… There was this voice that had an accent (hence the name “the German” that appeared in my head. It was the voice of a scientist that was really pretty dang smart. He could fix anything electrical (through me), and knew a lot about organic functioning systems…(plants, animals, humans). Well now this is the weird part…I heard this voice with the accent….but I never HMM, considered it real exactly. I mean throughout my childhood of seeing angels and fairies and hearing music where other people didn’t, and remembering vividly past lives etc.etc.etc.…well I’d been told that things were my imagination…not valid, not real a gazillion times….so I learned to just quickly sweep them aside into some dark corner where I could pretend that they didn’t exist. But this German had a hold of my interests. I’ve been all about plant systems since I was 8, and anything scientific grabbed my attention (I was totally working on the 5th Ray back then…and it was a wonderful exciting ride…..) So I could pretend that there wasn’t this dude in my head speakin all kinds of crazy cool scientific stuff…and I sort of decided it was coming from me….and when the Scientist spoke to me I had to go deep to listen….and I called this, ”zoning out”.  And since I could put a label on it I supposed it would be more acceptable to the world in that context. So I spent a lot of time in this trance like “zoned out state”… and the funny thing is it didn’t seem to totally freak out my parents when I’D say, I was just “zoning out”.
So, back to the German…he seemed to have an agenda of some kind…he wanted me to build something very specific….. But never told me what it was.  I had built myself a “lab” out back.  I fixed TV’s and did stuff for money. My Dad worked at NASA and he got me some good deals on equipment (I got an oscilloscope, a Radio Frequency Generator, and a whole pile of other stuff in trade for fixing some scientist at NASA’s Color TV. In fact I could (thanks to the German) fix all kinds of things, just as easy as you please.  I also had a “Science kit of the month” thing my parents got for me for my Birthday I think… And I started building something. It was crazy, every piece of equipment that came my way, got worked into this “Machine” I was making. Now my Dad had brought me this plant that he said had been in Space…for tests or something. It was a very sensitive plant. It would withdraw if you would move forcibly towards it…or think, ”I’m going to tear your leaf”. It looked like it was in the grass/bamboo family.  Anyway I ended up putting an electrode (A needle attached to a wire) into it’s root….and when the machine was done… I hooked the electrode up to it.  Now if I was to think something like, “I’m going to tear your leaf, the oscilloscope hooked up to the machine would go crazy.. and the TV I was using for the final stage of the signals amplification through it’s speaker….. would let out a sound like a scream.  Woah, well I did a lot of tweaking and experimenting with ….. OK, I have to digress. The first time I went to test it my intention was to tear or maybe it was to burn the leaf…but as soon as I thought it….the plant screamed.. So I tested this torture upon the poor plant, never having to actually tear the leaf,. So I gotta say I was jumpin up and down excited because I had just invented a burglar alarm where you had a Plant standing sentry who would yell when you got within 30 feet of it.  Sooo cool. So I ran in the house so I could show my parents…. Then it felt kind of odd, like it did that night in the car when we had the encounter with the UFO.  And my Mom didn’t want to see the Machine… And my Dad seemed reluctant… It was weird… Anyway my plan was this: I had the Machine tuned perfectly and had tested it a bunch of times…and the deal was as soon as I stepped off the back porch which was about 30 feet from my lab…the Plant would start makin this hellacious sound…. The perfect burglar alarm. So I was going to stay on the porch and let my Dad walk over to it and experience it “going off”.  Well he stepped off the porch, took a step…no sound… Another step, no sound. “What the Heck”…another step, no sound.  When he was about a foot from the plant…it started screaming.  HMM, he stepped back and it was quiet…I stepped off the back porch and it started screaming….. I was puzzled, but still so excited because it worked and my Dad got to see it.  But it was that weird feeling like the UFO night, and he didn’t say anything….he just sort of looked like a zombie and walked back in the house…. I was crushed…..  The German scientist left my head at that moment…and I never did another thing in my lab.
( You’ll hear more about “the German” in a future episode, The German Returns and the Healing/Mind Control machine.)
Yikes, fleeting snatch of paranoia./.” will I get to tell that story?”

Wow, I think my Dad bought me my Drum set right after that... I forgot totally about the German..... but in very few years things would take another really.... wild turn.. with an enlightening experience that happened to me sitting on the side of a mountain that led me to my Teachers...and totally changed my direction.

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