Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Magical Wonderful Day

Well today was amazing in so many ways...
This morning after Breakfast, which we made a point of eating before we went down to the goat barn.... well Taryn eats a lot faster than I do, and she was down there and back before I was 2/3 through my Breakfast, with the news that Faun was giving birth... Well, there went breakfast. We went down and faun was already cleaning up her new kid...totally adorable. Looks like a boy, and has wattles...God I love those.

So we hung out a bit then Taryn had to go to Eugene to the Midwives. I normally go, but I have a half a dozen special orders to get done this week, and just picked up another huge one to get done in the next couple of weeks.... So I stayed home and worked.
Well I went down and checked about every hour and a half when my arm would start getting sore and needed a break. Nothing new was happening. (We had 4 pregnant goats).
A few hours later Taryn got home from what is always an amazing and heart expanding experience at the Midwives...and we sat down and ate lunch...then went down together. Now Lucy was giving birth. (we were alerted by her yelling as we were eating). She was having a little more difficulty than any of our goats have before, the legs and head all coming through ...but not. I tried to help by pulling the baby out, but no go really, and we decided to let nature take it's course. And we just sat there.  Then the most wonderful thing happened. Faun, who has the personality of a wild deer, who never lets us touch her or get very near came over to me...actually first she pushed her baby over to me, and I was petting it....then Faun came over and started licking me. I was being very quiet inside....and then she let me pet her, then just stood there while I petted her and her baby went to sleep behind me. So I just sat there petting her, with her licking me...feeling like my heart was going to explode.  Then Bindy came over to me, and then Bree.

And these two are always at odds with each other, being real "female dog types" to each other. But Bree came over and right there next to me they were making Peace with each other, touching noses without gettin all uppity.  Taryn was across the room gettin pretty uncomfortable on her spot, as I was....so we both moved to new spot.
Meanwhile Lucy was still trying to get the baby out....it was OK, and mostly out now...just those darn back legs.   So I sat down and Bindy came over to me.  Bindy is a very amazing goat, very smart and has good instincts about food and things. A really good goat. (though I wish her teats weren't totally covered in hair, she's hard to milk like that.  Any of you goat experts out there know if Nair on the Ninnys would be OK).  Anyway she is usually really independant, But she came over to me and just stood there while I petted her, she sort of became hypnotized and pushed her head against mine and just left it there.  I was entering some kind of wonderful blissful altered state out of all this Love, then Bindy laid down with her head in my lap....and went to sleep.  God, how is it my heart didn't explode, it was sooo sweet.
Finally Lucy managed to get her baby free... It was so cute...

An amazing day!!!


  1. Happy Birth Day baby goats! I can't wait to come see them!

  2. What a wonderful beautiful story Jeff....thanks so much for sharing it has brightened my day!!!



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