Friday, May 28, 2010

Some of this weeks work.

Well with everything else we got done this week it's amazing that I got any "work" done... but I did, here is some of it...


  1. pretty! i really like the dark amber color of those circle earrings! yum. Is that a little face in the second one from the top left corner???

  2. The second from the top right is a little face I carved down in it, something kinda new I tried..I liked it.

  3. Good job honey! Love your creations so much!

  4. Hi,Jeff. I really love tree buttons,(shown in pic left side) do you think I could order?
    i want to use those button for special clothes my self.

  5. Hi Tomo, I could make you some...those were sold before I made them. I am busy with a big order this week but could do it next week. I'll tell Taryn, she's a major functioning part of my brain, he he, she'll help me remember. Those are carved in Scotch Broom wood....



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