Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Coming Out" of the Scary Closet. Part 2 .Alien Encounter

OK, I can't say much about this because I promised my Dad I'd never mention the Alien Encounter to my Mom, ever....and sometimes she reads this blog, so I don't know how to proceed with unloading my to speak.  AHHH, I know.... Hey MOM, if you are reading this, stop here...don't read any further, Dad told me to never speak about this to you. It was on Middlefield Rd, I brought it up to Dad in the kitchen, and he pulled me a bit forcefully (which was not his style, and I was a grown man at the time.) And he took me out back on the little porch by the bathroom on the Feigenbaum side, and pulled up his shirt and showed me a half moon shaped scar that he said he got that night, then he said to never bring it up around my Mom again, then he said we needed to get back inside..  So Mom if you have read this far definitely stop now.
OK, for the rest of you... I don't know what year this was , before my 5th or 6th grade year. We were travelling in our old classic (not so much at the time) Pontiac. We were going through the desert in Southern Calif towards Arizona. We were driving at night because the desert was hot and the transmission in the Pontiac was messed up and I think it only had first gear or something, so basically we were crawling through the desert at night, us three kids asleep in the back.  I woke up and a huge white saucer shaped light was in front of the car...then it Zipped off to the left. I jumped up and rolled down the window... I was thinking, OK, does not compute...misddle of desert, no cars around, no lights this some kind of reflection on the window from something I don't see?  So I roll down the window and it's still there, zipping so incredibly fast from one side of the horizon to the other....then zip zip and it's gone.  Well ol Jeffy here is jumpin out of his skin, Hey Mom, Dad...what the Hech, Wow, did you see that?? No real response... HELLO, they were sitting there kinda frozen like, not turning their heads or anything.  Then is scary voices they told me something along the lines of...Your imigiantion....go back to sleep.  They sounded like zombies...and it scared me.  Then we came to some little outpost that sold gas, it's like 2:00 am. My Dad gets out of the car and rustles up some woman to get us gas, and makes a phone call. I'm wondering who the heck he's callin here at 2:00 A.M.  Well my Dad is acting all weird and I ask him what's the matter, and he says something (that even as a kid by Bullshit! bells were ringin loud and clear, he said, OH, that lady was crazy.... Well that lady wasn't crazy, I was right there, she was perfectly fine, it was my Dad that was acting crazy...and my Mom was sort of frozen like a statue....  Well as I did with most of my significant life experiences I quietly filed it away under ," it's just your imigination"... so I could get on with a life of trying to be normal for folks.....
Well I'm afraid that didn't quite work out.  Now I just very recently put 2 and 2 together and realized that what I am about to tell you happened, started happening after whatever the heck happened in the desert that night.
I guess here is a good spot to mention that I've had a lot of dreams about being on an alien space ship....and being at some facility in the desert (that was made to look abandoned, but something weird was going on there)
So not long after school started, 5th or 6th grade. And I started dreaming things that would happen the next day, or seeing things happening somewhere else, in my head. Here's a couple examples. I dreamed that a whole bunch of kids at school got really sick, and it seemed like the school was practically empty. The next day a lg. % of kids did get sick. I didn't because I didn't have any money that day to buy cinnamon flavored toothpicks from the juvinile deliquent of the school, who I swear was in his 20's. Anyway he made some cinnamom toothpicks ( a big fad at the time)...and eveybody that had one got sick.  The next thing that hapenned was very horrible. I was sitting in class looking lovingly at the new girl, I even remember her name even though she was only in class for that day.... ( I should mention that I was pretty much in love with 99% of the girls in my class). Anyway I'k looking at this cute chubby little Mexican girl Martha who can't speak English (that was really cool).. And suddenly I see this guy shoot this woman, then stick the gun in his mouth and shoot himself. Well if this wasn't horrible enough, I was looking at Martha and she was looking at me when I was seeing this....and acting it out. I made my hand into a gun, shot someone with it, then put it in my mouth and pulled the pretend trigger. Looking into her eyes as I did it. Well I think that kind of put us both off a bit, then about an hour or two later the police came. At pretty close to the exact time I was performing my little skit for Martha, her Mother was being shot by here boyfriend, who then put the gun in his mouth, and shot himself.....  I never saw Martha again.   Well my life got stranger ....
A scientist who I called "the German" moved in and made himself comfortable in my head. He could fix anything electronic through me, and set me upon a path of Creating an amazing machine that allowed Plants to verbally express their emotion.... That'll be the next story.... This story has been one of the biggest mysteries in my life.

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