Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doin it by Hand...

Today was a great day. We had so much that needed to be done, Work in the garden, 6 special orders to get done (2 signs, , 2 inlays set with cabs, 6 tree carved buttons, a pair of wood earrings, plus I’m carving beavers for a trade for Mountain Mahogany. 15 of em and I gotta get em done. Also talked to Christine Deck today, I’m carving a sign for their Waldorf Farm School for a trade we did with them. (I’ll bet that school would be just about the coolest place to go.)…  The back garden paths were getting shin high in grass and weeds, and along the sides of the raised beds the weeds were thick and high….. This normally would not be the case except my weedeater sort of died and resists Jerry Rigging. A part just wore out and I don’t have and can’t afford to buy one now…SOOO, I got to do it the old fashioned way, by hand.  Oh, also the brick paths were totally grown in between the cracks with thick grass and weeds. So I have this tool, it’s just a handle with a flat straight edge at the end, Like a hoe that was flattened out, making a scraper on a handle that was perfect for scraping the weeds between the bricks, and the edges of high grass and weeds I used the same tool and cut straight down along the edge of the brick raised bed, then about 3 inches out from the bed I cut in at an angle, cutting out a perfect little triangle and making a nice clean edge around the beds. ( The favorite hiding place of slugs and bugs. ) . I also have a weed whacker, a blade on a stick that you swing real fast and hard and it cuts the grass and weeds. So anyway It was fun and a workout. Then I decided I want to have grass paths that I can cut with the hand mower. I think in the long run it’ll be easier…I don’t want to rely on a weedeater, but this is a big place with lots of weeds. But those weed whackers, if you get em nice and sharp…and don’t have any sticks or rocks in what you are whacking, you can go about as fast as with a weedeater, and not have to breathe gasoline fumes…or hear the loud noise. So I decided I’m gonna set it up around here so I can do it all by hand. We already do our mowing with a hand mower….. and that’s fun… Now it’s the end of the day and I feel satisfied with what we got done…. I should have some nice Good Earth tea.

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