Thursday, June 10, 2010

OH Yay Yi Yo Ho

OH Yay Yi Yo Ho

"Don’t shun the Light just because you are afraid it might expose something that you have judged as Darkness. "

Sometimes when I am starting to meditate, and often when I am working I find myself speaking 2 different “languages”. Well, three if you count English.
It just flows out from Feelings or thoughts. 
It is so natural that I never really noticed it until Taryn pointed it out….
Still I’ll be into some long expression before I realize I'm not speaking English.
One language is very Primal, very simple short sounds , aboriginal. It’s very grounding and healing to me when I speak it.
The other language is the one my daughter spoke on the day she was born, I should say, ”orated”.
She gave me a long speech right after she was born as her Mother slept.  This language is very joyful, sing songy…kinda like a birds song…. More on the level of tiny cymbols, whereas the other one is more on the level of a digereedo.
Anyway I never think about the words or what they mean because they are simply an expression of a thought or feeling and this is their most natural way to flow out for me…. But as I have been becoming more aware of it, I pay a little closer attention to the process.
Anyway a few minutes ago I was just starting to meditate ……
Yikes, I just realized something.  Sometimes the words come before the thought and feeling….  
Anyway I was just getting ready for a much needed meditation when the following phrase escaped my lips,
“Oh Yay Yi Yo Ho"……
And being more on top of it than usual, my mind goes, ”What?”.
Then the answer ….the thought and feeling was,
” Don’t shun the Light just because you are afraid it might expose something that you have judged as Darkness….."

I wonder how often we do just that?
Oh Yay Yi Yo Ho


  1. Oh yay yi yo ho! haha, makes perfect sense

    language is primally invested in for the intensity of the affect

    sings, resonates, says it all



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