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Out of the Wierdness Closet , Meeting the Teacher...and .Returning from a Magical Journey

I think this is Part 8 in a series...

 This is a picture of me way back when, sitting on my meditation spot above Plaskett Creek. Across the way is where Pack Rat jumped off the Cliff... and where the following story took place, on the beach below the cliffs you see in the background.  I was just going through some old stuff looking for something for my next post ( a letter from a Witch) that I know I have but haven't found....when I found this pic that goes with this story.
Fasten your seatbelts, this is another very strange story...

Well I guess we left off with Bud. So by the time Bud got through with me, and on the heels of this Long Magical journey...I must admit I was just a bit FREAKED.  There was so much magical stuff going on every second for the past ...I don't know exactly how long, Month maybe, that I was truly ready to crawl under a rock and hide for the remaining couple of days before I was to go back to Palo Alto to my Philandering wife, and a city where...well, that was a city.  So I left Bud's and headed back to my favorite home base at Plaskett Creek.
I arrived at the campground just as it was getting dark, pulled in my motorhome and didn't even step I say, I was ready to crawl under a rock and hide..."no more magic for a while if you please".... So, I sat without even turning on any lights, and quietly played my twelve string. Mere moments later there was a knock on my door.... CRAP!!!, so much for the underside of this Rock. I opened the door and there was this incredibly breathtaking woman standing there, and she for some reason reminded me of the woman in the picture Jill had drawn, the woman whose face she saw superimposed upon my face, and I saw superimposed on hers. And that face was the face of the angel I saw when I was 8 years old in Japan, and who I saw once while sitting in my car in the parking lot where I worked in Redwood City . And the same face was superimposed on Debbie Hooper who I was takin a break with out there... and she (The Angel/Teacher/whatever was trying to tell me something, but....alas, I was distracted by Debbie Hooper, who was pretty dang cute and in the actual flesh sittin I missed that lesson, but anyway standing there was this beautiful woman.
I might have seemed strange to her, I showed her the pic of the woman and asked if she knew her.... She said she looked kind of familiar.  Anyway this woman's name was Ramona and she was in this Band called the Jimmy Discount Band, and she wanted to know if I wanted to come and Jam with them..... I actually can't remember what happened right after that, but somewhere along the way she got my address and phone number and would a couiple weeks in the future show up with the band who had a gig in Palo Alto, and they stayed at my place.... But I'm pretty sure I declined her offer of the Jam and went to sleep for the night.
Well that whole under the rock idea was just not manifesting because at about 2:00 am there was another knocking on my door. What The Heck!!!?
I say, Who dat when I say Who dat? And he say," It's me Larry.
I don't know if I told you about my wild and crazy genius (on an alternate dimension) friend Larry. But there he was, he had hitchhiked down from the Bay Area...How he knew where I'd be, who knows... But there he was, and he had figured out all this stuff, the main thing I remember was something about how to travel to other planets, but using the mind...but also there was a physical ship powered by the mind involved.. Well he talked about that all night and I guess we finally maybe went to sleep, maybe not. But the next day we went down to the beach.(Sand Dollar Beach).  There was nobody there, the campground was empty now, and there was nobody on the beach. So we went down there and walked way down the beach and sat down lookin out at the waves.
A few minutes went buy and we were looking down the beach and there was this Golden glow. "What the heck is That", Larry asks..... I don't know... But it changes from Gold to sky blue, it's like a upright cocoon moving towards us from down the beach. It keeps changing from gold to blue. Larry (who was a photography (and fencing) instructor at De Anza College), and who always has his camera with him say's, "I'm not even going to try to photograph that." As the blue and gold cocoon gets nearer we start hearing what sounds like flute music. And as it gets still closer Larry say's,"isn't that the woman in the picture on the wall in your Motorhome." Because sure as you know what, inside that gold/blue aura was the woman in the picture with frame of gold (made from a pulverized stone) and Blue from paint I think frame...hanging in my motorhome.  The pic Jill had drawn.  Did I already say Holy S h -- you know what. It sure was her, and what was really weird was that not only did the color of the aura change...but the woman went from being this young beautiful being a very very old beautiful woman...back and forth.
Well Larry say's, "She's oviously here for you, you better go and talk to her..."...
Well " I DON'T THINK SO"....remember the hide under the rock scenario.
  Here is the woman on my wall, that I saw when I was eight and superimposed on Jill and Debbie Hooper. And here she was b4 my eyes, in a gold and blue changing aura, going back and forth from an old to young woman, while flute music was playing out of no where (she didn't have one, and neither did either of us...and we were the only folks around for mile.... ) NO, I don't think so.
Well at that point Larry informs me that he has a class to teach that night and better start hitch hiking back if he wants to make it in time, he tells me I should talk to her...and walks off down the beach.
Well about the time he's gone, the woman who excudes beauty and grace walks (OH, I didn't mention that she had gone and sat on the beach behind us)  anyway she walks past me and out into the ocean..... She dives into the ocean, looking not as human as maybe some incredibly graceful creature that was meant to dive and swim...and she dives into a wave then comes FLYING up out of the water maybe 30 feet up into the ain, then dives back down into the water, and flys up again, as far into the sky as I can see till she's a little dot, then comes flying back down into the water..
I'm outta here.
So I took off down the beach and headed up to the cliffs overlooking the beach.... But I couldn't leave.  I went on the cliff above where she was and climbed up into a small tree, and sat there and watched her. I watched her all day ( I got totally sun burned). But I sat and watched her flying...and diving, and doing this dance on the beach that felt like.... hmm, like her tribute to the Ocean. I watched and watched and finally I started to see what she was showing me.  She wasn't "Flying" like Superman, or a bird, but she was showing me what I've come to call,"the cords of God." And she was lifting herself with these cords, she was using them to do all these remarkable feats.  Some of you may have seen these cords before in Heightened states of consciousness.... I also call them the Web of Creation, because they connect everything in this huge Golden Web.  Anyway she was trying to tell me some things, And I suppose she did, because occasionally when I'm operating at the same frequency as that day...I remember.  But not right now.  So anyway I sit and watch and who know what the hecks going on on another level, when I finally get up my guts and decide to go down and talk to her...POOF, Holy Crap, some old dude in coveralls and a straw hat, and long white hair and a beard just instantly appeared about 15 feet away from her. I was looking down there and Poof, there he suddenly was. OK, scratch the plan of going and talking to her.  Then I watched them, and it was weird, it was like they were attached by an invisable ...something, that kept them always exactly the same distance apart as they walked down the beach.  Then she did this little dance that felt to me like a Good-by to the ocean...And it felt final, and sad. And she flew up in the air and did her diving thing again, then they started walking off up the beach to leave by the stairs.  That was my que to take Rattlesnake Gulch back to camp in order to avoid any possible contact with them,,,,,
Get me Outa here!!!
Now I gotta tell you something really freaky.
A while back I did something I very rarely do....
I looked in the mirror,
and what I saw there was an old guy,
wearing a straw hat and coveralls,
and who had long white hair and a beard...
and I saw in the reflection the person I had seen appear 15 feet from her on the beach 35 years ago.
  It was me, now....who suddenly appeared.
Well I went back to the city and I think my wife told me that day when I arrived that she was leaving me.... PERFECT... I had sent Jill packing, and was back in the city that I did not like, and Janine was shackin up with my ex best friend.   (who was never really a friend at all, that's just what Janine kept tellin me).  Well Ramona and the band showed up at the same time another Guy and Girl I met somewhere along the way, Christian and Maria. They were in the same Plaskett Creek camp where and when I met Jill. They lived in a double decker bus, and I kinda liked Maria because she was extremely cute and had a thing about never wearing a shirt.  Well all these folks show up at the same time, in my small studio apartment, in a quiet old ivy covered place . A band and Christian and Maria all sleeping on my floor.
Then I got a letter from Jill, in it was another drawing... It was a drawing of the woman on the Beach, as she looked when she looked old. She said that when she saw her superimposed on my face, she saw the young woman, but also the old woman, but hadn't had time to draw that when she was staying with me. ( and never mentioned that aspect of it either).  I'd scan that pic too if I still had it but I gave it to my Step Son a few years ago, he was living with some Swami dude who was channeling her and said her name was "Grandmother Spider".. Well I don't know about all that but I gave the pic to Morgan, my step son.... so can't share it with you.  She had also met an Indian guy with the last name something like Meawasege and they were getting married. HOLY COW, that was fast.
So that was the end of that Magical Road trip.
Not long after that a genuine "Witch" named Ariel and her daughter Josey moved in with me ...that's another story about a time when I was trapped in the dualistic notion that Light must Battle Darkness...and Ariel and I went at it.... And I'm pretty sure I lost that one.... Then I moved into a tree house built in between 4 redwood trees in a place called Redwood Terrace, that was a moonshine capitol on the 20's.  Then It got seriously crazy scary with the a person named Jane who burned down my friends house and the place I got some power from for my treehouse. So I guess I'll tell you all those strories before I tell you about the German coming back and showing me the most incredible invention of all....the Healing/Mind Control machine.
Stay tuned....

OH, This Angel/Teacher/Whatever woman shows up again many years later superimposed upon another person's face. But I promised this person I wouldn't talk about her, so I won't be able to tell you much about that. But the "Teacher" led me to a woman I've spent time with in a bunch of lives, and I suppose I'll have to tell you about all that minus reference to the woman in this life.....because I'm coming all the way out of this "closet of weirdness" that was my life...that I've kept hidden so as not to be judged...

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