Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retraction of the Ultrasound debacle and A short Glimpse into a very Weird Mind

Retraction of the Ultrasound debacle and
A short Glimpse into a very Weird Mind

He He, I’ve gotta tell you about a bad habit I have..
And it is this: I expect people to understand exactly what I’m talking about all the time, even though 95% of the time my tongue is so far into my cheek….that it entirely enters an alternate dimension. From my Dad I inherited this crazy wonderful fun (for me) he he sense of humor….so 95% of the time I’m coming at any particular topic, from an angle that totally cracks me up…. But I have to be serious about it, because it has to be delivered totally straight….. But the funniest part of all is that 95% of the time folks don’t even know I’m makin a joke, so how can they possibly get the punchline.  Yet I’ll just keep rollin them off one after the other….. it sometimes drives Taryn nuts…and then I try to stop myself….. But usually not until after I’ve given people some really weird ideas about, ”where I’m coming from”.  I was a Heyoka the lifetime before last, and try as I may I haven’t really been able to shake that…   The reason I bring all this up right now is because of the recent perfect examples of this…. Number one was the Joke about Getting an Ultrasound and from that seeing that we had a very handsome little boy…… JUST KIDDING. WE DID NOT GET AN ULTRASOUND…. That whole spiel about not caring if our kids suffered from hearing problems because that was what hearing aids were for….. because it was more important for us to find out the baby’s sex…. THAT WAS A JOKE……
And today at Market….. Taryn did not hit me on the head with a frying pan….that big knot on my forehead came in even a more bizarre way.
Yesterday a neighbor showed up to escort a couple of our roosters to his stew pot.   They were brats, our 16 girls have no feathers in their backs because these dudes were all about “taking care of business” in a major way…. All the freakin time….and the girls were suffering… These old guys are as tough as a shoe, we found that out with Chantacleer who the neighbors dog got into and we had to kill….. he was too tough to eat…. So I gave these two roosters to our neighbor….he grinds up the meat and really appreciates it.   But first I had to catch the roosters.  Well for all you folks that have ever had to catch a rooster you know how they’ll charge and attack your leg….but this dude caught me totally off guard with a really major HEAD BUTT.  I got freakin head butted by a dang chicken, raised a big black and blue knot……. Ouch   So today I’m in the booth with my honey, and I told that story to our neighbor…. Then I said, well actually that’s just what I tell people so I don’t have to tell them that Taryn hit me in the head with a frying pan….at that point the Neighbor high fived Taryn for hitting me in the head with a frying pan…. I WAS KIDDING AGAIN, but later Taryn made the point that I was very convincing in my delivery, and quite easily someone could take me seriously….
So this is my bad habit… I always expect people to understand exactly where I’m coming from, even though I’ve make every effort to lead people down some humorous rabbit hole..   Maybe I need to make a really funny face about 5 seconds after the straight line, so folks know that what I just said seriously is not the road to go down…

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