Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures of our little baby (amazing)

Well we weren't going to do the ultrasound to find out what sex our little baby was going to be. They really don't know the safety aspects of it and blasting a fetus with high powered ultra sound waves didn't seem like a great idea....Plus we know folks who did it for some of their kids and not others...and the kids they did it on had hearing problems..... but we decided.... What the heck, that's what they make hearing aids for and we went ahead and did it, and boy are we glad we did. This has got to be the cutest baby I've ever seen, and so well formed and all already.  It"s a boy.  We can't show you the part that made identification so obvious because it was just so amazingly impressive it might make the female viewers swoon...but here is a nice pic of the cute little tykes face...  I am such a happy Dad via modern technology.


  1. This is the second congrats I've given this morning and it's only 8:48 and both were boys!!! How wonderful for you guys! And what a cute baby :)

  2. Too funny!

    Congrats on your little boy. Now you can have fun coming up with names!

  3. Kim (from Saturday market)June 17, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    Oh boy!! I can start making some Hemp Tree Pants for the little guy!



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