Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary Taryn

Two years ago under our favorite cedar tree out front Taryn and I were Married. This is a picture of us on that day... We'd been together for more than three years by that point, though we struggled not to admit this for maybe almost the first year...after all she was so much younger than me....and every narrow minded person I've ever known would probably have something negative to say about us getting together.. But the fact was we were together long before we even admitted it to ourselves, we just finally had to give in to what already was.... and that was Heaven.  I wonder how many people deprive themselves of Heaven because they are afraid of what other folks will think? But the fact is we were together from the first second we set eyes on each other, and finally two years ago tomorrow we officially expressed that reality to the Universe (as though it didn't already know.)  These 5 years with Taryn have been the best years of my life, the most Real, the most Healthy, the most filled with Love and Joy. Not meaning to sound corny here but it's been like we each had a hole in us, an emptiness that nothing filled, until we came together. And now I feel whole...complete, and finally at Peace.  And she feels the same way... How Perfect is that?  And it just keeps getting better and better..... and now there is a sweet baby coming... Better and Better.....
I lived most of my life attempting to please others, and giving up my own happiness in the process, feeling some deep past life notion that maybe this was a noble effort...this relinquishing of self.  And I suppose we all have a lifetime or two where this is a necessary lesson..... but it get's old, and if we keep to that route......we lose our own path.
But the funny, the amazing and wonderful thing is that Taryn IS my Path. Pleasing pleasing my own soul. How Perfect is that? 
So Darling I want to say to you thank you for coming into my Life and bringing with you Truth, and joy... And thank you for bringing me back to Myself....back to my Path, and my Home, which is ALL you. I love you so much, I love our life, I love your sweetness and honesty and integrity...... and I really love how you love me....go figure.  Thank you Universe for bringing me to this Heaven, and thank you for letting me slowly learn to Believe it, and accept it.
Taryn, you are my Life, you most glorious wife.


  1. What wonderful two are truly meant for each other! Your baby will be born into the best home, because it is a home of Love.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! I just wrote a small novel on Taryn's blog :) so I will try to keep this brief. I just wanted to express my sincere happiness that you 2 found each other. Your appreciation and admiration for each other, and for life, is really exciting. Thank you for your sincerity and honesty. It is really so refreshing.



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