Friday, July 9, 2010

A very productive week

This was an amazing week for productivity. I'm getting my technique down so I can get a lot more done. Instead of doing one piece at a time, and going from stage to stage to stage. I do them all at once. I do all of them at the same stage, then go to the next stage and do them all. That way I'm not constantly changing tools and bits and sandpapers and buffing wheels etc.  I get a lot more done.  This week I used some amazing woods, you'll see. And I have a new technique I'm using that I call cut downs, so I can make things a little less expensive, but still nice.
This is turquoise inlaid in cocobolo wood. I like it because for me it's a left side right side pattern. You either see the turquoise, or the wood pattern...It's cool...
This is amazing wood, and an amazing stone. The wood is a multi colored piece of mountain mahogany , the stone I think is called Indian Paint rock, cut by our favorite stone cutter John. It's backed with super soft leather and has horn beads. I love the way the stone matches the wood...
This is a pregnant goddess of turquoise inlaid in spalted myrtle burl.

Another amazing stone cut by John, a turquoise/matrix kind of deal, set in a darker Mountain Mahogany.
This is a tree I carved in Mountain Mahogany.
This is a reaslly cool tribal piece, also in a rare colored piece of Mountain Mahogany, inlaid with turquoise and with a ruby garnet set in a silver bezel. The beaded part is really nice, but didn't show up in this pic.
Tiger eye in cocobolo.
A nice Turquoise OM inlaid in Birdseye Maple.
This is really rare. It's a piece of Myrtle Root Burl, set with Kingman Turquoise. This wood is as hard as stone.
This is the new technique I was talking about, I've been calling it cut down for lack of a better word emerging. Basically I carve out the design, but shallow, then use a dark stain to paint it in. This is Venus's face carved in Birdseye Maple Burl.  Maybe I'll call it "carved down", so it doesn't sound like a dis...a jab, a burn, a cut, a rude thing to say...
This piece of wood blows me away. Mountain Mahogany set with Kingman Turquoise I got many years ago from the mine.
This was a maple burl set with Malachite.

This is another example of a "Carve down". See even though this wood is very hard, I can still sell this for under 20 dollars, which makes me feel good to get some stuff out there for everybody... These earrings are also Carve down's.
I also did a bunch of buttons, these are deer horn.
These are Birdseye Maple

Well that was just a few of the pieces, hope you enjoyed...

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