Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When I was younger I had a lot of "Hard core" jobs. Jobs that they wouldn't let prisoners do because it was "cruel and unusual punishment".  And it wasn't long before they couldn't get White Folk to work these jobs, and Thank God the Mexican folks aren't afraid of a little hard core work, otherwise business's would go down.  But I guess I wasn't typical white folk because no matter how hard core my "Jobs" were, I made a point to enjoy them. It was like, that was the whole point. I was getting the jobs that were my past ultimate nightmares, and resolving them into Joy.    I loved it. You can work a lot of Magic by just bringing some Light into a dark place....and that was my job as far as I was concerned...not the hard labor and breathing toxic formaldahyde , not the wiping butts of the elderly, not by working at the city dump, dealing with folks garbage, (who by the way paid a lot more than taking care of the old folks did), something very very wrong about that.... Wearing a suit and carrying two cell phones.... being paid to bullshit folks. .And workin on the phone in a huge concrete box with a bunch of females...YIKES... But I loved it all ....  That was the point....that was my Job.
But now, eeehaw, yipee........ now my "Job"..... my "work"..... I don't even have to stretch to love it... My work exists inside of Love..
What could be better than that?
It's conveniently Right Here, where I live.
I'm not commuting to Eugene or anywhere else (except on Saturdays for Saturday Market... and that is an adventure all in itself).
Right here, the things that need to get done....
are my "Job"
Need to make money, I whip out some carvings or whatever....
If I make it they will Buy.... that's a fact
So I just have to make enough to support us in the very .... way we like to live.
Milking the goats, takin care of the chickens and the yard and the garden, etc....
That's just joyful wonderful life...
I guess my job is to have a Joyful wonderful Life.....
What's your job?

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  1. LOVE this peace, Jeff ... !! My own experience has been somewhat akin ... Despite college degree and former law firm work, I've found myself taking also & again & always JOY in this same path, albeit now as housekeeper *gasp* and eldercare worker *lol* ... It's definitely worth it, no matter, to be in a community such as Asheville, NC and to be of practical service and in JOY for it all ... whether as "corporate spy" *lol* or as nearly volunteer "angel of mercy" ... funny thing is, with this path, there always seems to be JUST enough *lol* Thanks for posting :) xox



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