Sunday, July 25, 2010

That Which Motivates Man Forward

This is a reply to a person in a recent discussion on a forum. The topic was "Ego". Since I spent most of my life ..and several previous lives wrongly demonizing ego, and since so many of my "Spiritual" friends make the same mistake...I decided to post that part of the discussion here. This is a reply to a person who had defined ego as I used to, through dualist lenses .
"Yes (persons name), all this is understood, but what we are doing here is taking it to the next step of understanding. We have divided one thing for millennia now, and this division in the understanding of ego/soul has caused 99% of what ails humanity. So now we finally come to face a truth beyond the dualistic understanding and progress as a Humanity.
The ego and soul as I have stated are the very same thing, with a very simple definition. 
The ego/soul:  is that which motivates man forward.
And the problem with understanding this has arisen from Humanity’s lack of understanding of how we evolve. Once that is reconciled it becomes a simple thing to accept that the ego and soul are the same thing.
Think of it like this.   First that Life/evolution is a circular thing. It’s not a straight line, and it’s not a trip up the stairs. It is a circular journey that begins when the soul splits off from the “Sun” so to speak.  Imagine at this point the soul sets foot on a solid Earth, and begins walking. It is compelled to walk forward (evolve)….this compulsion is the energy of the ego/soul. “That which motivates man forward”.  So we start walking away from that Flash of Light, that separation from the Sun that bore us into being. We start walking around this circular path… For the first half of the journey we are moving further away from our Beginning. We are motivated by Desire and Fear. We seem to be getting “further from Spirit”, but in actuality we are moving towards a point of culmination in Matter that is Our Unique Separate Expression…that which defines a separate individual cell in the “body of God”…so to speak. That is the first part of our destiny…and yes, it is as far from Our beginning as it is possible for us to get….yet this is our sacred destiny, our unique song in the choir … that special Note that when harmonized with all the other notes out there…make the OM…the Breath and Sound of Spirit.  From a dualistic perspective of Light and Dark, Good and Evil some will say this is the point of ultimate egotism…yet it is our sacred contribution.  But guess what, we’ve reached the halfway point of walking around that Circle…we’ve reached the culmination of what we can be as separate and distant from our point of Creation…yet now our path returns to that. Henceforth every step we take takes us closer to our Beginning.Our fears become Illuminated now because that "Sun" is before us now, not behind us...and our desire is exchanged for aspiration. Now this is our destiny. Where we had sought a separate unique we seek a Unity. Yet what has motivated us in all this is the same thing, the same energy. Humans have judged the first half of every souls journey as Bad(named it Ego, or Satan or Ignorance) because it seems to be taking the person further from Spirit…but this is how It works, and it’s the very same path that will lead them back to Spirit.  We have come to judge the first part of the Journey as “Bad”, or Dark…as compared to the return path as “Good” and towards Light. Yet it is the same Path, and none have ever skipped the first part. In our History, and still now for some we all must move away from the Light….before we can Return. That is the totality of our Destiny as souls. 
And it just occurred to me how most of man's inhumanity to man has been from folks who figured they were the “Good Guys” and were opposing those who they considered were the “Bad Guys”.
We are here to Be….and not to Judge…
Everyone has to tread the Path from beginning to end, and none of us skipped that first part….
Ego and Soul are the same thing: That which motivates Man forward.

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