Monday, August 2, 2010

Aliens Land and Breed at Wilson Property (photos)

OK, There have been a lot of strange things seen here on this property. Once I had a dream about a huge all White Raccoon, and the next morning when I was heading out early for work, there was a Raccoon the size of a German Shepherd standing out in the front yard looking at me. I ran back in to get my gun (it had been killing our chickens by the score)...but it was gone. Another time I found an endangered Salamander the size of a Gila Monster out front, took it to the Ranger Station to find out what the heck it was and told that I needed to put it right back where I found it or face Jailtime...Yikes. It was endangered. But today after coming back from milking we spotted this crazy pair of alien beings doing what I suppose was a mating ritual.
They were hanging down twisted in a spiral together with this strange thing coming out from next to their mouths. The strange white thing was pulsing...growing bigger then shrinking...
They just hung there from that string of slime with this pulsing white jelly fish like thing coming out of their faces...
 I made a video so you could see it pulsing, but it came out all blurry. Probably from some alien jamming technology beyond our Earthly comprehension..
Then I went back in to call a neighbor so he could come see it, but when I went back out they were rolled in a ball, and were sucking the white jelly fish things back into their faces.
Now I realize this might bring thongs of frightened questioning masses to our doorstep like the time the image of Jesus Christ appeared in the scum at the bottom of our Kombucha...but I just felt a responsibility to shre this..... UH, What...... Wait, just a minute....OH, there's some guys in black suits that just arrived in a sleek black helicopter in the back yard....gotta go ....

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  1. saw some real ufo. just like those you tube vids all over the place. since we are all dreaming, who knows what the ''outcome'' will be upon ''their'' arrival. non dualism, like the ''jed mc kenna'' articles along with ''nagualism'' a fluid drem. we are still learning. btw, cant say who i am for obvious reasons but you remember me from the old stomping grounds. your nagual knows. remember the old vw van and all that craziness ? finally found ya, figured i might. ufo's , they are an awareness thats all i would imagine now. so are we. non dualism,there is no me or you? still learning. out for now.



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