Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Truth About Forgiveness... It's a Crock

OK, I'm going to spit in the face of all that's good and holy once again, because it seems that what we have believed is good and holy, has chained our ankles to the road, and I'm really ready to keep on truckin.

First let’s realize that there is no “Forgiveness” without Blame….without judgment. 

UMMM, think for a moment….. who are we blaming and what are we blaming them for…
what have we judged as a transgression upon us?
Well obviously the perpetrator did something” bad”, we don’t get all hurt and angry and blame people for doing something good.
Good …Bad …..Us……Them,
welcome again to the Duality,
good and evil.
They / We….
What happened to the All One ?
What others have “done” to us
Is no worse then the Blame and judgment
We put upon them.

Forgiveness is closer to judging, blaming and righteous displacement of mental/emotional constructs.
Now there is nothing wrong with righteous displacement of mental/emotional constructs.
 Although the righteous part is tinged a tad with ego,
 but the displacement of mental and emotional constructs is….well….bliss…Oneness
. so that’s cool…..however you can’t have the forgiveness without something to forgive,
 and everything we feel we have to forgive is something we have placed a judgment…then blame upon….
Blame for “doing something to us or another”
 But there can be no blame…
 We feel all high and Mighty cuz we eat organic food (sometimes) and listen to spiritual programs,
 but what “they” do to us ….
We have or will do to them….
That is the rule….
There is no duality…..
 We are all One.
There is no blame in the One…
does the leg blame the arm….
does the nose blame the butt? (sometimes, phew!)
No one part can have blame for another part, because they are one thing.
We have to shift solidly to this understanding.
 We are standing on the threshold of Freedom,
 and we can not get through the door with our forgiveness because with that comes a judgment followed by blame…
and blame and judgment can not make it through that door.

So understand that for there to be forgiveness,
First there must be a judgment..
then there must be blame…
 and to a good soul standing on the Threshold of God’s door,
there can be no blame, if you wish to pass over the threshold.
So we have this blame, this bleeding wound that is sapping our Light,
 this hurt we’ve accepted “and been given” by “another.
And this is also keeping us from passing over the Threshold,
 so what then do we do with this if it is not wise to forgive it.
Well we “see it with equal eyes”, which comes down eventually to loving it.
 Loving it because it is part of the One thing that we are…
Don’t “Let it go” as I preached for awhile,
 embrace it…
Don’t forgive……
Love and embrace it……
 it is part of you..
Bottom Line.

If we could only see the puppeteer….
And you know the puppeteer is us, yesterday…
We are here now doing what we are doing
Because of fear, desire, judgments and love that we projected in our yesterdays….
We created the dark corner where the puppeteer hides
The strings that pull us this way and that….
That define the course of our lives…
the repeating patterns that we seem unable to escape..
Are all rooted in yesterdays judgments…
To escape being a puppet tomorrow
We cease judging today
And we seek to cut those cords to yesterday.
So the question is… How do we do this….
The pat answer has always been,” Forgiveness”
Yet this doesn’t really work because the act of forgiving is maintaining that there is something to forgive.
All those things that exist in the world around us…that drive us crazy…
Are in us……. And our judgments…
We, the incredibly sensitive people that we are, get weirded out by ,”Bad vibes” we’d like to pretend
Come from THEM.
But it is judgments deep within us that cause the problem
Judgments sometimes rooted deeply in out DNA.
Deeply in past life experiences that seared these judgements upon the face of our souls.

"They may put out some kind of energy, but it is our reaction, based in our judgments, that causes the problems....not their energy.
The Light is shining in us now, more than ever
The judgements we pushed into the dark corners are the strings the puppeteer uses to make us jump and run.
But the light is revealing these things on a daily basis…
Just as the course of your life keeps bringing you around and around and around again to have to deal with the same things.
So…last week or so HA HA I would have said Forgive…
This week I say, suspend judgement. Love and embrace
Let things stand as they are…without the deep seated judgement from yesterday.
I think if we can trade in our judgements…. For love….
We can stop the cycle of constantly having our past judgements thrown in our faces by those dirty rotten bastards that we wonderful high people in all our goodness,
will have to Forgive…
Our High and Mighty Forgiveness releases our connection to our reaction that was based in our dualistic judgment based in ignorance....and makes us feel a whole lot better....OH Yeah, God Bless forgiveness....
Well maybe not because even though it makes us feel a whole lot better, it doesn't remove the judgment that created the perceived transgression in the first place... We're just playing the "we're high and mighty game".....
Judge Not!!  and there will be nothing to forgive..
Replace dualistic judgments with Love
and there will be nothing to forgive....
Don't forgive, even though it's a quick ride to an ivory tower.....
That tower is built upon judgments that will (if we continue to evolve....which we will)  eventually crumble...
Short of physical harm the transgressions we choose to blame on others....the pain we feel and blame on others, is ALL self inflicted by our judgments.  Forgiving maintains our judgments and perpetuates the circle of suffering that is based within them.
Judge Not.... and be Free

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