Sunday, October 10, 2010

Embracing the Dawn

Embracing the Dawn came about in a really cool way.
  I had a really nice Tree Carving on ETSY,here's a pic. It was called ,"Red Sunset Tree"

It was for sale for 70 dollars. That might seem expensive but the piece of Mountain Mahogany is incredible in color, looking like the sun coming up over hills that are the bark.  Well this woman asked if she could buy it without the necklace part, I guess wanting to string it herself. So, being the beginning of the month with a load of bills still to pay I gave her the great deal of $55.  Then I reserved it in her name on ETSY and emailed her the link. About 20 minutes later I received notification of payment from Paypal for the piece....and an email from her telling me she was unable to order it, that the link went to an item that had been sold.   HUH?
So I looked at the email from Paypal and saw that it was a guy named John who ordered it..... well it seems John had looked at the piece before and liked it, then came back...didn't notice the "Reserved for".... which I had only put in the title, not the text.  So I think what he saw was that a piece he really liked, just dropped $22.00 and he bought it on the spot.   OH CRAP !   Well I had to tell him that the piece was reserved and I couldn't sell it to him, that I could refund his money, or make him something similar and sell it for the reduced price (for his trouble).   He emailed back...... and was very nice, said go ahead and make him one, he said he was even willing to pay the original price.  
Well now I had to find a piece of wood as amazingly awesome as the one I had made "Red Sunset Tree out of...  That wouldn't be an easy task..... I looked and looked and finally I found one , that if cut correctly would be a Gallery Piece....  In fact once I did get it all cut and sanded I was afraid to even carve on it..
Check this piece of wood out.....  It is amazing to say the least.  THIS IS ALL NATURAL COLORATION !

I cut it so there is are hills, and a sun in the amazing sky.
  Can you believe how beautiful a piece of wood that is? 

So I drew a tree on it to sort of fit the picture, then carved it on it.....
I was really nervous about being able to replace the other one, but this one turned out to be so incredible, I'd normally sell it for at least $100.00, so I think it worked out very well.  I love it when a Special order inspires me to new levels....


  1. I do a lot of wood working and I see your work and say I want to get to that point. What are you using to carve such nice art? Knives or chisel or what. Thanks Josh

  2. On such tiny things I use a dremel, otherwise I'd have to charge hundreds...And woods like Mountain Mahogany are about as hard as stone, so a dremel is the answer.



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