Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peppers and the Crocks Bounty

This is the Papa sized jar of Pickles
These are Real Pickles....
These were grown with wonderful bacteria
in a 10 gallon stoneware crock
for about a month and a half
And they are still growing
Still very Alive
And this life that is there within them
Makes our bodies happy and strong when we eat it.
Plenty of Live Pickles.....

 So after brewing The cukes in the crock
I put em in a three gallon glass jar
and two gallon Jars
5 Gallons of pickles
Then I added garlic, and Peppers from the Garden
a splash of apple cider vinegar
and a little bit of sea salt of Sea Salt
(since we're out of Himalayan)
And a handful of Coriander Seed.

(didn't have enough garlic (can you ever)?

I will add more after we go to the store

And I jarred up some sauerkraut 
that I've been Brewing for a couple of weeks
that was so Alive
it could practically get up and walk away...

You think I'm kidding.

This was a strange batch

When I made it I used last batch's juice
bringin over the last batch into this one

then I added a packet of that really good inoculate
made especially for Veggies. 
...So I added in the "real Deal"
And my sauerkraut got....

Thick, like a runny jello....
Didn't smell bad...

rinsed it off
took a bite...

That was the most amazing sauerkraut
Tart and sooo clean tasting


So what's with the thick sauce..?
I can only deduct at this time that it was a teaming pool
of myriad helpful lactic acid Bacteria..

But what do I know....

Powerful stuff though.

I also got another batch of Natto cooking at a moist 104 degrees
Huge batch we'll can and freeze...
Doesn't even kill it. (freezing it)
And boiling the stuff...
it still Lives...

And check out the pretty peppers..

Well it was very nice visiting with you...

 Now it's time to get back to Carving.
I am currently in a Production Mode..
It was nice takin time out here to share some..

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