Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Autism, The "Energetic" Truth that is it's True Cause

OK, I know there are a lot of you intelligent folks out there who have broken away from the mass hypnosis and are thinking that I'm going to be talking about Vaccinations, as we are aware that at least 70% of cases of Autism are a result of childhood vaccinations..... 
But this is not what I am getting at here,
the vaccinations are simply a trigger, not the cause,
which in my rambling way I will eventually get to.
Since I was in the fifth grade I've had lucid dreams that explained things to me,
things that generally are not common knowledge.
A few nights ago I had one that spoke to the Cause of Autism
and other related diseases in children.
Suffice to say that the Medical Profession
that so many hold up as a testament to just how wise and wonderful we Humans are,
 is really quite backwards and undeveloped.
The fact is that indigenous populations thousands of years ago had a better understanding of the cause and effects of diseases than we do currently.
  Nowadays we are told by the Pharmaceutically owned medical profession
that this or that 
is the cause of this or that disorder, 
when what they are stating as a cause
is actually effects..
......manifestations of some energetic reality (which they refuse to recognize
or are unable to recognize with instruments, so ignore).
These days the "Medical profession" operates almost totally upon the physical level, 
missing the point that behind every physical "problem" 
there is an Etheric (electrical)
and Astral (emotional)
These astral//etheric seeds are the cause of all disease.
"Germs" are merely the physical manifestation of some astral/etheric  seed.
  (This is one of the many reasons why vaccinations are a hoax, because only the physical manifestation is acted upon) and the seed will simply find another avenue of manifestation.... )
Vaccinations are just a temporary bandage,
a "passing of the buck". (and they cause more problems than they alleviate)
But as I said we're not talking about vaccinations here,
we're talking about something much deeper
that will need a little preliminary explanation.
OK, most of you who read my blog are aware that we humans have a system of energetic centers in our body that oriental medicine and belief call "Chakras".
 And that these Energetic Centers are related to certain organs and glands in our bodies...
The fact is we could call these the Astral/Etheric Seeds of our human physical systems.
OK, these Chakras in humans are like flowers with certain numbers of energetic petals,
and in every human some of these centers are open,
and some are closed...
all to varying degrees,
and this pretty much defines the overall health (and "colour)' of the human.

 An "Enlightened" Being is said to be one who has opened all of their centers fully.....

There are not very many Enlightened grown-up humans on the planet, 

BUT there are very many NewBorns  that have all of their Chakras wide open.

These are the most Psychic,
the most Aware and Sensitive human beings.

Generally speaking, 99.9% of the time this "Enlightened" state does not last for even a few hours after the child is born.

Children who are born in Hospitals with all the wild and crazy energy from machines,
and from peoples fears
and pain 
and suffering
emotions which to these totally open Newborn babies appears,
and feels like a Whirling, Horrible, Hellish Storm.,

Basically it's like entering into Hell...

All the Noise
and Lights 
and Needles being stuck
and foreskins being butchered off etc....
Causes the newborn Saint
to slam shut their Chakras
To shut down their Openness
as a means of protection....'s the only protection we have at that point 
against the Angst of the Whole World.
Lots of babies don't even make it to birth still open,
because the intensity of the Moms astral/etheric environment 
causes them to shut down even earlier.
Now we are getting to the cause of Autism.

There are however some generally older souls who you could say have an "attitude".
They do not want to "shut down".
For them it's like trading a Beautiful Joyful Light.....
for Darkness
Although in the Darkness
they are safe from Seeing
....and Feeling 
...........too Freakin Much....
which is why 99.9% of babies shut down and choose the Darkness.
  And there are some children who have Peaceful and Sacred  Home births 
Like Bracken,
who has not yet "shut down"..
who have parents that make an effort to slowly introduce them 
into this Mess of Un Balanced energy we call human "ordinary" life.
To bring a child into his or her Life in this Quiet way
is a Blessing to the child,
and to the entire World
because we really do need some more folks whose perception hasn't been shut down....
But it is a tricky balancing act for parents of these Aware Newborns
to keep them from Shutting Down..
First of all there can be family that doesn't understand why it is that
you don't want to pass the child around a group of folks like a freakin football.... 
There are folks that don't realize that this child "sees"  all their baggage,
feels all their fear
   and frustrations
         and self doubt....
Feels Everything.

And they do this without all the convenient filters
of self denial
that we all learn to use
to cope with our relationships to "life". 
So here we have these children whose bellies are open to all the surrounding emotion,
whose "third eye's" can see not only all the whirling miasmas of confusion
we are enshrouded in,
but they can see angels and fairies (deva's) 
and all sorts of things we can't see.
  So here you have this totally open little baby, 
without any filters to protect it ....
And if at this point the child isn't protected on many levels
they can be shut down by an external cause such as injection of toxic substances into the body,
as occurs with vaccinations.
 When children are vaccinated they are filled with dozens of really deadly substances.
Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde,Polysorbate 80 etc.
And these can cause an un-even shutting down of the chakras,
where the Emotional Center in the belly
might be wide open,
while the other Chakras above it
which make it possible for the child to deal with a wide open emotional awareness,
are closed and barely or not functioning.
When you feel EVERYTHING
yet Fear it
and don't Love it (closed heart Center)
and can't understand it (closed third eye and head centers)
It's HELL.

And it's been given many different official names...

Like Autism....

Now when you and I were  Newborns..
and when we Shut Down
there was a certain Balance to it....
We were falling into that place where
we had certain things to Learn
But for the
 Purely Aware Soul 
who has been vaccinated
and the shock...and particular "electrical quality" of the toxic substances that they have now in their bloodstream, 
causes this Acute Imbalance in the Chakras.



Of course the Medical Professions/ Pharmaceutical Companies Protectors like the AMA and FDA will tell you that putting incredible amounts of the most deadly substances on the planet directly into your children's bloodstream won't hurt them in the least. 

But then if everything was perfect and Healthy,
they'd be out of Business.
And that isn't an option as far as the Greedy Bastards are concerned...

Now maybe a question we should ponder is whether these folks in Control are knowingly shutting down
the most aware and sacred souls on the planet.....

Then my mind wanders to Flouride...
One of the most poisonous substances on the planet...
One that Hitler Loved and stated that if you wanted to control a group of people
all you needed to do was give em Flouride in their drinking water...
He did it with Prisoners to keep them docile and stupid.
And since it is a known fact that fluoride taken internally does absolutely nothing to prevent cavities (it has to be topically applied).
And does horrible things to the human body...
You gotta wonder what is the motivation for cramming it down our collective throats.
But I digress,
and for some reason this is now all typing in a narrow column down the left side of the page.


  1. ... as we all are being squeezed over into a 'way narrower spectrum of self-realization & -expression...

    These psychopaths who have put themselves in charge of the planet, if they'd worked on their own personal evolution, would see the solution to the world's problems not as the New World Order puts it, but as fostering the evolution of EVERYBODY HERE, like using TV to bring us all upwards in vibration (is that possible with that electromagnetic medium??) or at least by good examples from the opinion leaders there. Frinstance.

    Love you Honey, widest of sheltering wings to little Bracken~

  2. you're on to it jay - double -you.

  3. I remember the story of Buddha, how he was kept apart and totally unaware of the "uglier" aspects of Life until he actually left home. And I always thought the point of the story was that the parents were ill preparing him for "real life". Now I wonder if maybe the true meaning, the real reason was that they were keeping him from "shutting down" until he had a strong enough character to deal with it.

  4. OH yeah, Ayala.. Yes Television could be used to Speed up the evolution of the Race, however it's being used for the opposite. In my final post yet to come in the category "Coming out of the Weirdness Closet" about the "German" returning and showing me the Healing/Mind Control Machine, you'll see what I'm talking about.

  5. I know where you are coming from. I understand.



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