Friday, December 31, 2010

Layin Naked in the Sun, and finally gettin er Done

 Bracken Sleeping in the Car while I cut wood.
The thing about the Holiday Season, basically from the beginning of November to New years is that most of my energy goes towards Creating for Holiday Market, then whatever Festivities occur with family and friends on Christmas to New Years. We don't do any social stuff those 2 months prior to Christmas because we really need to bust it to do well at Holiday Market.... which has to hold us over till April when Saturday Market starts again. And during this time it seems the rest of so many things goes undone...And this Year there was the addition of Sweet Little Bracken, which took Priority over everything else.  So I just couldn't wait till all the Hullabaloo was over so I could start gettin caught up. I spent yesterday workin out in the yard, gettin the front and back all cleaned up, gettin some huge rounds of wood split up, making a half door for the Chicken coop. (we lost 2 more chickens on Christmas....) I felt really bad that some dang racoons were killing our chickens.... we're down to 5, from 16. But there was never a spare half day to take care of it.  Now they are safe.
Today was a good day, we got up and lay naked in the sun gettin our vitamin D. Around here some of the best days, certainly the best Beach days, have historically been on New Years...Crazy Huh. After we got that done I went to do some work on the roof, got kinda stranded cuz the ladded sort of went Kallywumpus, so I climbed over the top (it's a very steep roof), and went in our bedroom window. Then loaded up the truck with my chain saw, splitting maul and a wedge and we headed up the mountain to see what we could find. There were some huge logs I was hoping were still good, but turned out punky, so we went down to another spot where we had to back the truck a long ways down a winding logging road (so we could get out again.... and we hit the Motherload. There were some good sized logs up near the can see me cutting into here..

But these were not really that great....and the huge ones you see in the background are cedar which we are not allowed to take.  It turns out the good ones are all down on the side of the Hill,  and these good ones were about a foot and a half in diameter, so I had to cut em and split em all on a fairly steep blackberry covered slope....which wouldn't be so bad except my "good" shoes, and that is a really loose definition of "good" when applied to these shoes, .... SHORT SKI'S would be a better thing to call them. So I'm cuttin and splitting these large trees on a steep banks, while basically wearing skis. It was crazy. Next time I think I'll try some old snow boots I have, because it was a lot of extra effort just staying vertical.  So we got a good load but then it started getting kind of dark. The wood was dry.... feels good to be gettin more wood in.

 It's supposed to still be sunny on Sunday so we'll go up for another day of wood gettin.
Then we came home and I split it all up and we loaded it into the house and on to the porch.  Then we had the best dang dinner of a Bear Roast, Black Eyed Peas with duck fat and Nutritional Yeast, and a salad. Now I'm headin up to read a book, eat some frozen blueberries and some popcorn covered in coconut oil and duck fat and Nutritional Yeast, Chorella, Powdered Ginger, Garlic granules and Himalayan Crystal salt, and play with Bracken before he falls asleep.
Life is so dang good


  1. was reading something where it was said to appreciate those magic moments of inspiration of any events like music or ''nature'', that it will increase those moments and let light in to youir reality until everything becomes light. change and unchanged can merge.



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