Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Present Moment

Distraction from the One Pointed Attention 
to our Souls Voice...

World events...

  A lot of people have TV's....

We can worry about the poison being put in our foods,
                      and water, 
                                      and air 
                                              and vaccinations given to us
                                                                  and our children.

We can ponder and fret

         over the intentions of the Greedy few
                                                   that control the "society" that we live in...

We can Ponder where we came from....
                                        and where we are going.....

We can agonize over the deaths of millions of innocent people,

who died so that that Few could just get "Richer" still. 

 We can hurry and Rush so we can make time for

that "Whatever thing" that we'd like to do,

when we're not busy rushing to it.

Distraction from the one pointed attention to our Souls Voice.....

Listen ...

What we have sought,

       though not knowing what it was that we sought.

                             Was this present Moment.

                                                    Here and Now

"Chop Wood,
                     Carry Water".
"Chop Wood,
                     Carry Water".

This Present Moment

When we are able to truly be Here.

               It's Bliss. 


The deal is my friends that Meditation is not something

you save some little special time and location in your house

to retreat into momentary communion with Spirit....

The Meditation my friends is LIFE,

Every Second of it,

Don Juan talked about "Being Impeccable"

This is meditating every single moment of your life,

It is Possible. 

And when you are totally present....

in the Quiet of the Moment
(which just so happens to be a moment called Eternity)

You will find yourself 

On the FLOW.

You know what I'm talking about.....

if you don't think you know...

    look waaayyy back.

And the Flow is where Magic Happens

                   Instant Manifestation...

Yes, we're on the Dawn of a New Age

   don't be lookin down at your watch

I'm talkin NOW.

                  NOW is the Time.

                          NOW is the Time...


  1. thank you for sharing, it is so true!
    happy new year to all to you!


  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and Bracken together, lying in the sunbeams... BEAUTIFUL!



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