Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bracken's Birthing

 Bracken's Birthing

My Perspective

(Here is a link to Taryn's)

My Perspective

Is hard to Talk about

It was all soo Present

All so In the Zone

I was In Awe

Of My powerful amazing Woman

And the Process taking Place

There was more going on than meets the eye.

Shared Love,

and Intention



Riding it

She kept regenerating her energy
with some nice raw goats milk kefir
from our Goats..

And frozen Blueberries

SOO focussed

Relaxing in between in the Beginning

And Later

Working Hard

How's the Baby Doing?

Our Wonderful Amazing Midwife Anita

Such a Blessing to Have her Here.

Wise Medicine Woman Midwife

I'm Growling hard like an Animal

it helps Taryn

power the Push...

She was so Beautiful

so totally Present

An opening portal to a New Life

Growwlll !!

It won't be Long Now

She stands with one leg up on a chair

And Bracken starts to come through....

Yikes, how do you move over to the couch

with that huge head right in the middle of everything

Somehow she did it 

With some help from the rest of us..

Minutes later Bracken and I are looking at each other

 And it's Love at first Sight

OH My God

How can he be so Beautiful

How can Taryn be so Beautiful

The Little Monk has arrived to Teach us.

And us Him

Minutes Old

So Precious

So Beautiful.

So much more Love came into our Lives that day

Who would have thought there could be more

And it just keeps growing every day...
I love my wife
and my Child
SO Much.

Thank you Life


  1. so beautiful, it is hard to find words (and in english it is a bit more difficult for me:))
    you are a loving, wonderful family.

    thank you again for sharing these special, unique moments!




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