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Real Communication / Why Humans get Sick

Real Communication is

Taking the Light of Love

And shining it on the Darkness


But the sad truth is that there is very little Real Communication
going on in the world.
And this fact lies at the Heart
of so much Sickness.
In fact I think I'm about to propose
that this Lack of real communication
is at the heart of most Disease

that besets Mankind.

I'm going to explain all this as usual in ,
a round a bout way.

Defending One's Shields

This is what humans are calling "communication".
Defending our shields.
What you have to realize is that throughout the thousands of years
and many lifetimes that most of us here have experienced
There has been a lot of Pain
Physical pain in various parts of our bodies
from injury, disease and Death
Emotional pain 
which we also store in certain locations in our bodies
Over all this time what we have come to define as "ourselves"
Looks a lot on a psychic level of seeing
as one of those suits of armor 
that the Samari wore, 
with all these protective Plates
covering every inch of our Physical/Etheric/Astral bodies.
And every single one of these things
we maintain as a shield
with the energy we put forth
to deny it's existance there.

Now that is some sick humor.

Actually I'm gong to say that again,
it bears some thought

"we maintain  a shield
with the energy we put forth
to deny it's existence there."

We don't want to be reminded of past Pains.
In fact a large Percentage of our Evolution
most of our Energy goes to denying these pains
while simultaneously seeking out Pleasures
that we feel might tip some hidden scale somewhere,
and finally bring us Peace.

So we humans chase the Pleasure
and run, and hide from the pain we carry within us.

We are
All One Thing
There is,
and has been
Much Pain Here
Yet we ignore it
We shut it away into the Darkness
of our own Back Rooms
And our existence is centered in Keeping it tucked away.

Now as I said,

"Real Communication is

Taking the Light of Love

And shining it on the Darkness"

But that goes against our Prime Directive
If we shine the Light of Love 
into the Darkness

We will surely see and feel
some painful buried trash.

And it's been buried a long time.

Certainly it has grown more rotton
and horrible.

OK, Let's not Communicate.

So our "Communication" has de evolved
Into Protecting our Shields
We're like remote control Dummies
Responding with some reflex protection mechanism
when the integrity of one of our shields is threatened,
when "One of our Buttons Get's Pushed".

Now remember that festering rotten long ago buried trash?
Well, it....
and the Shield we hold up 
so that we don't have to see it
Is the Seed of Disease.

There is a basic Law of Creation,
That whatever we hold our intention upon
for a prolonged period of time
will manifest into a whole new entity.

Every single one of these Shields
that we hold up by the thousands
interrupts.... disturbs
our Healthy Electrical Functioning.

We are literally Beings of Light

Do you realize that at the heart of just one single cell in your body
is the power of the Sun

And you have a mess of cells in your body
Our Natural State
is one of Pure Pulsating Light
But we have held up all these shields
for all these eons
and now we define ourselves by our Shields
and not by our Light.

And each Shield
since it is blocking the Perfect Flow
of our True Nature
Is the seed of Disease.
In the area of the shield
Problems will occur.
Even things that seem to be impossibly related
Like accidents and injuries
are tied to these Shields.
If we contact a disease in a certain part of our body
it's because we've
"Stored some old Trash" there
and Slammed the door shut to that "Back Room".
And the Light can't freely Circulate
As it must
If we are to be Healthy

But there are really no ,"Back Rooms"
And the Trash we have stored,
that Pain we do not want to again face
Is what denies us Peace
and Health.

And what keeps us chasing
some false Pleasure
in an attempt to 
"Balance it Out"

This is the Duality that is the First part of all Human Evolution
We are wired to Chase the Pleasure.
and hide from the Pain
This was part of the Plan
This was how we each find our 
Unique Position in the Web.

But that is the First Part of Human evolution
and many here are on the last part
which is a Return
to that Pure White Light
Or you could say
Ceasing  our enslavement
upon the Wheel of Karma

Creation grows outwardly upon Seeds of Light...
Growing in Form to fill their Unique Position
Then Returning to the Seed.
The "Body of God"
is built upon each of us Realizing
our Unique Position
When this is done to completion
a New Cell is added to the Body of God
Then the Seed of Light
Remembers Itself

This is the Divine Process we call Life
So what we need to decide to do
Since who I'm talking to here is Done
Has Completed their Unique Expression


It's time my friends to
Drop the Shields
And Remember our Light

Stop Protecting that,
it isn't You

It was part of your Complete Expression

But it's done

Now it is Time to Remember

And how do you do this?

With Real Communication

With yourself

and Others

And guess what...

It'll Hurt

You are exposing the old Pain

But remember Now

That isn't you

You are the Light Before

and After

all of that.

I'm going to Give you a Little Clue

Cutting past all the Religious Shields

(The Church is one of the Great Sellers of Shields)

"Christ Returning"

"Christ Returning"

It aint some dude in sandals that lived a couple thousand years ago
coming back all pissed off at how the Humans just don't seem to be getting it.

It is Us

Remembering our Light..

Remember your Light

Stop holding up Shields and saying,

"That's Me"..

It isn't any More



Be Fearless

( You have to be, because if you Employ Real Communication
You will Hurt People)

And give them,
and yourself

an opportunity to Grow.

Take the Light of Love

And shine It on the Darkness.

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  1. how does anyone really know about this ''christ'' they are waiting for?.easy to get caught in ilklusion. waste of time to communicate with the illusionists.



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