Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Bracken Lee Little Hawk Pictures

Here's Pics of us catching some winter Rays in front of the wood stove in the Sunshine.

Hey Dad, this Rocks

He's got a good grip on my Beard here. We've decided he has a secret collection of beard hairs somewhere, always seems to have a couple loose ones in his little fist
Here's some Pics we took out front today before we went down below and I Split up a bunch of Huge Maple logs while Taryn /w/ Bracken in the Pack took pictures for ETSY.

Bracken's new Hat that Taryn made, and cute little Boots

Nice Alpaca (I think ) sweater Irmagaard  (sp.?) at Market knitted for him

That chicken is always trying to get in the Picture

My wife is so Beautiful, and Bracken is so cute

Cute little Gnome

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