Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bracken Lee Little Hawk Wilson

To the Degree that you give your child the Energy of Love
Is the degree that the Light of the World Increases
The degree that we Withhold that energy of Love from our Child
Is the Degree that the Light Of Love on World is decreased.
There is no such thing as giving your child “too much attention”.
...The “attention” is Love
The lack of it, is Not
Don't be Afraid to Shine
 As I've spoken of before, babies can be the most aware beings on the Planet
Most of us as Babies were probably born in Hospitals
and amidst all the wild and crazy energies there.....
Our only protection from all those wild and crazy energies,
lights, jabs, smells, sensations.....
was for us to Shut Down our Pristine Awareness.
"AAAACCCKKK, What am I doing HERE"

I mean we start out with all our Chakras wide open.....
we "see" and Feel EVERYTHING that is going on around us.
We feel our parent’s emotions,
 and the emotions of everyone who comes around us....
We see angels and guides, and beings of the Devic Evolution like Fairies.
It's just too much to Process....
so we shut down,
close the petals of our chakras.....
and breathe a sigh of relief.
If we hadn't done this while still in the womb,
we did it shortly after leaving it....
Then a lot of us spend the rest of our lives trying to find our way back to that awareness...

Well Bracken wasn't born in a Hospital,
and he had a very Peaceful wonderfully loving birth at home,
 without all those crazy energies. 
Here he is, half in and half out of the world...Open and Content and Aware, even after a very long labor
Joyful, Peaceful

 We kept him at home and very slowly introduced him to people....
Keeping the energies very calm.
There was a couple of times when folks forcefully intruded upon him
before we could do anything about it
 and He shut down momentarily
and had his very first crying fits shortly after the experience..
Here is an awesome Blog Taryn did about Visitors after Birth
Visitors after Birth

But we're glad to say that he still has not shut down,
he has Fairy friends that totally delight him....
he sees and feels Everything,
even those things we deny for whatever reason.
You can't fool Bracken.
But we learned from the experience that we are his only protection from the world
A lot of folks don't understand any of this
they don't really even seem to consider that  little babies have a consciousness yet,
because they can't speak.
They do have a consciousness
they do speak if we are quiet enough to listen
,and in fact Bracken is more aware than most folks I know...
He's almost 5 months old, but tells us whenever he needs us to take him to the bathroom.
In this country they have fancy names for it; EC which stands for something like elimination Communication , or "the diaperless Method", and I forget what else....But in all the "Uncivilized" cultures they call it, Life.
To those uncivilized folks the idea that anyone would leave a child sitting in their own poop or pee, is barbaric to them....
they can't imagine what in Western society,
is the Norm.
Well I'm afraid Taryn and I don't much fit the "Norm" in a whole lot of ways,
much to the consternation of certain family members.
But we are finally coming to the point where their sensitive sensibilities are no longer our greatest concern.
Raising our child in a soulful way, 
doing what we do based on intuition rather than what some childless fool once wrote in a book on child rearing....
is something they are just going to have to deal with.
Our children choose us for whatever reason.
  Bracken was talkin to us before he was even born,
telling us that he was going to be depending upon us to be in our integrity, 
to be strong for him because he cannot protect himself...
It's funny, I know a lot of folks who even since they were small children
were more mature than their parents
and who since childhood felt more like their parents parent
then the child...
So we have and we will continue to be in our Integrity first.....
and then we will take into account folk's tender sensibilities.
Bracken is very independent
he doesn't like being held by most folks,
in fact I sometimes feel like he just puts up with us holding him because we are his Mobility.
He's not at all used to his new body where he can't get around all by himself
and is very frustrated by it. 
His will is very strong and at times when I am carrying him around an amazing thing happens.... I become attune with his will. He'll tell me where he wants to go....And he's really particular how he wants things to be done.
"OK Dad, you are holding me at a 33 Degree angle and I am clearly specifying a 35 degree angle....get it right or else you will hear about it.... He he. I'm not kidding.
He is very clear when he has to go potty.
And of course we don't always want to listen, we have stuff to do, work to get done...
But when Bracken wants to go....he's not going to wait that long for us to comply. (although he is doing that's amazing. )
Taryn is amazing in her connection with him...
She always knows when he has to go.
I think civilized folks just became too self absorbed,
somehow lost the idea that the most important thing
is the Child..
And taking care of that child that can't take care of itself.
You know goats get right up and walk right after birth...
Humans don't
And you gotta realize, 
there is a reason for this...
Maybe the biggest lesson Humans need to learn is
How to Give...


Love every step of the Way.



  1. My next baby will be born at home. Even tho it is illegal here in Australia....i will accidentally not make it to the hospital on time. The way you have brought Bracken into the world is such a huge inspiration for me....thank you so much for sharing...the pic of him half in half out, and the look on both of your faces on holding him for the first time brought tears of joy to my eyes. I cant wait to experience that at home when our little fairy baby decides to join us :)

  2. "he doesn't like being held by most folks,
    in fact I sometimes feel like he just puts up with us holding him because we are his Mobility.
    He's not at all used to his new body where he can't get around all by himself
    and is very frustrated by it."

    This really resonated with me. Our first child (now 6 years old) was so much like this as a baby. We just KNEW she was frustrated much of the time with what was going on - that she couldn't just get up & move herself, see what she wanted to see, be where she wanted to be. She is spirited and strong-willed and so independent now.

    Back then, people just said she was "fussy" or "colicky" and that we just had to "put her down" and "let her cry"... but that never felt right. We knew she was TELLING us something.

    We don't always get it right, but babies are people. With histories, souls, energy. I still try every day to listen to what my children are trying to say, not just what I want to hear. Some days it's more difficult than others to get out of myself and into their world. But I keep trying.

    I love this piece. Thank you to you & your wife for such inspiring writing!



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