Saturday, February 19, 2011

Satan, Vampires Christ and the Battle

Ok, here are some of the most mis-understood terms on the planet, and we're going to try and make it simple.  We are going to remove all of the exterior clothing on these topics, and cut to the energetic truth...the archetype at the center of these things.
It's all about energy.... it's all about evolution of Life....
Satan..... you could say that Satan was the first material expression of God's desire.
Satan and Desire are synonymous terms.
Now I know you are sitting there with this tightness in your chest at my mear mention of the word Satan because you have been so trained over lifetimes, right down to your DNA, that Satan is EVIL..... Now realize that it could be said that Creation is the end result (or evolving) result of God's Desire.
That means God is one Evil dude to start up sumpin lika dat.
So understand that that whole Evil Satan thing was a creation of the Church.....
It helped further their cause.
They needed an arch villian to go up against Christ and God..
They needed someone for us to fear....
Desire/Satan is a fact of life...
a fact of evolution
in fact it motivates the first turn of the evolutionary wheel.
We desire
we seek
we take
and we incorporate into ourselves what we take....
This is Satanic...
This is part of the Plan
this is the self seeking selfishness that brings us to that ultimate unique expression in form,
that each of us will, or have made....
This is what the "Law of Attraction" is all about
In fact they have perfected the Satanic Arts..
simplified....perfected....and called it,"The Law of Attraction"
This is our Destiny in the world of Man.
We are formed upon our desire
A large part of the human population...
actually I think a larger part
(due to the exponential method of the Growth and evolution of Creation)
is Satanic.
Pretty good bet that most of your family members are Satanic
It's not Bad...or evil...
It's just the way it is.
Then in the evolution that point of culmination comes...
we make our separate unique point..
and the wheel turns
 back upon itself
Now energetically there is a change
the energy of Desire
is transmuted into the energy of Love.
It is no longer as if we are a vacume cleaner
sucking all those parts of creation
that we desire towards ourselves...
and stashing it
Instead it's like we are opening our arms,
giving everything we have collected....back
We are letting go of all those things that defined our unique separate expression
and becoming One with
All that Is.
This is where Satan....
is transmuted into Christ

Here is the surprise for all you Christian Fear based folks
Christ and Satan are the same dang thing
just at different points.

Vampires are just Satanists who are really extra blatent about sucking the Spirit from others to fill their desire
There's a good chance you have some of these in your family too.
What do you do...
NO, you don't lock them far away in a castle where they can't hurt anybody
But you'd be advised to keep your youngens from em ifn your youngens are more Christ Like..

I think it's important for folks to understand where they personally are coming from..
Are they still collecting
based in personal desire
Or are they opening up and letting all they have collected go...
Know where you are at in this and don't face yourself with that DNA buried judgment if you find out that you are Satanic in nature.
It's OK, we all go through it...
But here is a "problem"
The folks who been through the whole Satanic thing,
then culminated and turned on the road....
they understand where the Satanic folks are coming from.
BUT, the Satanic folks can't for the life of themselves understand the Christlike folks..
They are facing the opposite direction..
The idea of dumping the collection
is incomprehensible to them.
They can not stop being selfish....
And the Christ like folks just don't enjoy being around that.

There is no Duality here....not really
Only within our Judgments of Good and Evil
This is a Circular thing..
The Battle of Darkness and Light
is Illusion
It's all part of the same thing
Remove the judgment
and it is
the same thing...
There is no battle
It is what it is...

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  1. I agree... I understand... Just today I had a woman tell me that we have very different spiritual beliefs, because to her animal guides, or anything of nature other than Jesus is cloaked 'demon' in disguise, and that I am being misguided... She wanted me to know that Jesus created everything and that his will and hand is the breath of everything... She had foggy glasses on.



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