Sunday, February 27, 2011

Once Upon a Time in La La Land

Once upon a time there was a wonderful Kingdom called La La Land.
It was such a beautiful place and everybody who lived there was soo happy.
Homelife and Business for all the inhabitants was idyllic..  The key to this Blissful existence was that everyone here, by Royal decree, always spoke the Truth. It had been this way for hundreds and hundreds of years. And because everyone spoke only the Truth there was nothing hidden....nothing to Fear,   Because there was such wonderful honesty the country thrived. Nobody held back the Truth to spare another persons feelings, and because of this there were great advances in every aspect of the peoples lives.  One day the Kings Brother, who had left the Land many years ago to join "the Real World" came back. He wasn't like everybody else there, he had learned to lie to get things that he wanted, he had even lied to himself so that he wouldn't have to admit to himself that this behavior was  not really very nice.  And once he had lied the first time, it became easier and easier until he no longer knew what was right and wrong, real or unreal.  And then the Kings Brother came to believe that all that mattered was that he get whatever he wanted, no matter what he had to do to get it.... And he decided what he really wanted was to be King of La La Land. He saw how happy everybody there was, how joy just pervaded everything...and he wanted that for himself.  So he went back to La la Land and after a few weeks poisoned his Brother's food...and the sweet and wonderful King died and was mourned by his People.  The Brother became the King as he was the only Brother and the King had no other heirs.
Well as I said the new King had become accustomed to lying, and it didn't take long in this wonderful place for one of his Subjects to call him on it.  Well, he didn't like that one little bit, it made him mad to be have his lies exposed, so he had the poor truth speaking subjects head chopped off and made a rule that Honesty was no longer a requirement.
Well people started hiding things, first from each other....and then from themselves. There had never been crime in La La land before because you always had to be truthful, but now Crime was rampant, folks stole from each other, they became abusive to each other and before long Families fell apart and businesses failed.  
The King could not understand what was going on, he had moved here because he wanted the Joy that pervaded everything...but now it was gone.   So he called his advisors together to ask them what had happened.  Well they were painfully aware of what happened to the last poor fella who lost his head over being truthful to the King, so they all made up bogus reasons why the Peace was Lost. One Adviser blamed it on the folks who wore Green the King had them all killed. Another said it was because of spy's from the next kingdom over, so the King made an army and sent them to war against the other Kingdom, where they were all quickly killed because they knew nothing about making war, but nobody wanted to tell that to the King.  Well, nothing changed..... the Joy was still gone from the Kingdom.  Well the King kept asking his advisers who would blame everybody, and everything else....and the King had them all Killed, trying to bring back that joy to the Kingdom that he coveted.  Finally there was only one adviser left....   The King who was incapable of being Truthful to himself decided it had to be the that one adviser, because everyone else in the Kingdom had been killed...So he killed the adviser.  He was the only one left....and he lived unhappily ever after.

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