Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Whole Mess of Trees

Special Gift coming up.. at the end of the Post

I just finished a Treeathon.  Taryn's Mom Julie was visiting, and she helps out a lot when she comes takin some of the load off of me so I can spend a little time Creating.... It was wonderful...
And a lot of wonderful stuff came out of it...
Here is my favorite one.... I'm afraid it only lasted an hour or so on ETSY before someone realized it was for them.  Look at the color, this is a rare piece of wood..

Well I cut another one out of the same stuff.. It's pretty sweet

I carved this one is Spalted Myrtlewood Burl, pretty rare stuff, and a very beautiful Unique wood.
Love Root

I've been really liking finding the most incredible pieces of wood to work on. This is Mountain Mahogany. It's a special piece that I cut with one side one color, and the other side another. I was gonna make it so the tree was white and the background dark...
But this just looked to freakin cool the way it was..
So the back side is solid brown.
This one was Hard as a rock literally,
I had to carve with diamonds...
It took a long time so it'll cost a little more than some others.
Whoever this was made for is gonna want to rub it all the time, and rub it on their face, get their oils in it.. Make it shine ...
It looks like the Tree is Opening to the Light...
that's why I named it that...

it's about 2 1/2 in tall and 1 and seven tiny little lines wide..

I love this one. It feels very strong, very grounded....though it is small and light. It feels like it came out of another Time..

And because it's pretty easy to carve, even though it's rare, you get it at a really fair price .

Be Grounded

In Balance on the Earth
Like this Tree

Roots deep

Arms huggin the sky

As I said in the title it's Spalted Oregon Myrtlewood Burl
precious stuff
and so beautiful

It's smaller than most about 1 1/2 in. tall and 1 1/4 in. wide

Nice stuff, carved in Sassafras we got from Thurman,
the guy who makes Harry Potter's Brooms.. 
Gifted some to us.

This is from Sacred Redwood

I was really happy when I found a source for some recycled Redwood. I grew up around Redwood Trees. In fact I once lived in a Treehouse that was built up between 4 Redwood Trees.I kinda feel privileged for that, The Grandfathers Spirit lives in the Redwood trees. When I was in 5th grade I helped tear down my best friend's families Greenhouses so they could put up modern ones. These greenhouses were built with miles and miles of 2 by 6 Redwood. They cut it up and my best friend and I sold bundles by the side of the road for just a few bucks,... Kinda makes ya cringe to think about that now. I still have a sword I carved way back then that I made out of that wood.
Anyway I love this is from a Sacred Tree. I learned a long time ago that plants have Consciousness....and Redwood Trees been here so long, even fire couldn't take them down..... then along came Humans..... There is an energy in the wood, that is like a Piece of that Great and Mighty Consciousness...It's BIG....
So here is a pendant I carved actually to use to make a form then cast in Bronze, and put a nice Greenish Patina on it....but the kiln had been sitting unused in Oregon (wet), and when I replaced the broken part, it put the juice to it, and it couldn't handle it with those old coils and basically I won't be casting in bronze for a while. SOOO, I'm selling it here to some wise and lucky soul who can pick up on the Power of it.

carved in Mesquite
I always get excited when I carve a new wood, and this Mesquite was wonderful. The color is just awesome and the wood has such a grounding energy... I love it and I'm looking forward to carving more Mesquite in the Future.

Here's another in Redwood

This one is Malachite Inlaid in Yew Wood

This wood blows me away and brings back some past life times. This is Yew Wood that has turned this Purple color from sitting in a Bog for countless years....and you can smell the bog when you smell the wood. It's like sitting in a Flowering Bog in Springtime. Not for everybody, but this is some really magical stuff. I love it and I love how I smell after cutting it...It's amazing, and the dark purple color is awesome. It's pretty easy to carve so, even though it is extremely rare I can offer it at an affordable price.

I call this one Gnarley Tree

Yep, I've been busy
Taryn thinks I use some kind of Magic to get so much done, not just Creations made, but posted, and meals made and the kitchen totally cleaned when she just turns her back. She say's she thinks I do something like they did on the old TV show Bewitched, where the housewife witch was always gettin stuff done magically behind Darrin's back.  That's funny, I don't use any magic, it's really just a matter of switching Frequency Dimensions.... not Magic.
So there are a few of the new trees.
and I just decided that if anyone made it all the way to the end of this post they could have a 10% off deal on anything in our Shoppe.
The code will be good for at least a week...possibly considerably longer as I tend to space these out...
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