Friday, March 4, 2011

A Key to the Elven Realm

I know it doesn't look like an ordinary key.
Well that's because it is no Ordinary key...
A long time ago i decided to leave my mind and emotions behind,
and go for a walk in the Woods.
Well, if you've ever left your mind and emotions behind before, you know that this is a Key to a pretty Magical Perspective.
We tend to define the world of our perception
as a product of our past ideas and feelings about things.
We don't really ever see things as they actually are, we see our ideas...and feelings of things, instead of the things themselves.
Well the difference between Elves...and elf's for that matter and Humans is.... they perceive things as they are..... The Elven realm is a whole different dimension....a dimension of Direct Knowing... none of our ideas, opinions, or feelings defining the world of the Elves. Anyway a long time ago I went for a Quiescent, and Calm walk in the woods.
Well as soon as I sat down and things started shimmering and getting all Bright, I knew something was about to happen....and it did.....
I woke up, or at least it felt that way....but I hadn't been asleep. And suddenly I felt the life in all the Plants around me...and that Life just spread out and got bigger and bigger....until there was this huge Flash, and everything went White.....then slowly faded back in, only so much Brighter..... And walking all around me were these Elves wearing White Robes..... And ..... well ..... they showed me a lot of things..... I knew I'd known them for Centuries..... and I could see back to my old world, it was like on the other side of this hazy wall.... and I wondered how it was that when I was there, I forgot the Elven Realm..... Well, I'm rambling on and here is what I was getting at. When I "woke up" sitting there in the Woods, afterwards of many Big Adventures and Lessons, I had forgotten the Elves.....but in my hand was this key...And since I've figured out how to get there without it, I'm passing it along to You...

It's made of a deer horn Spur, set with some Turquoise....
I strung it on some Beautiful Picture Jasper beads and some.... I'm pretty sure the round blue beads are Magnesite, and not Turquoise. It has a copper clasp with a tad of silver over it..
It's about 2 3/4 inches long and 3/4 in wide and the Necklace is about 20 in. long

See it here in our Shoppe.

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