Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blue Night Mist

The Night was Dark

And the Road was Long

The Trees seemed to engulf the road..

The Traveler was Weary..

Been carrying a Heavy Load

A Rider came on a Snowy White Horse

that seemed to Glow with Moon Shine.

He threw a Talisman at the Feet of the Traveler

It was black, almost Triangular,

and it had a Turquoise stone set in it

Then the Rider Rode on.

As the traveler bent and picked up the Talisman

A blue mist began to form

as if it was emerging from the Forest Floor.

It was like the blue of a Robins egg,

lit by the moon..

Breathing in the Mist,

Suddenly the Traveler Remembered

things they should have said...

and things they should not have said.

They remembered Pains they had incurred at the hands of others...

and of their own hands.

And they remember inflicting pain.
They remember everything that has gone to pass....

But the Light Blue mist works into the memories...

and all the judgments that were once laid upon these memories....

vanished in the mist...

and then the mist drifted back into the Earth.

And the Traveler stood there

and smiled as wide as a person could smile.

They were no longer weary..

They were free.

Their direction no longer determined by their past judgments.....

Suddenly it was as though this Traveler,

who had carried the burden of the ages upon their back...

Was free of it.

Standing tall

Breathing deep

Being Strong

and Loving Everything....

It was a New Day.

I'm not going to tell how it was I came into possession of the Night Blue Talisman,

because the point is, 

that it find It's way,

to you...

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