Monday, March 7, 2011

Way too Cute

The Most Beautiful thing in My Whole World

A woman beyond all my Dreams. 
So full of Love,
and Integrity.... 
and just plain Goodness. 
Whew, I sure got Lucky there.

Bracken meeting a New Baby Goat

Two Wonderful Mamas
New Baby this Morning, actually two of them

I wasn't actually layin in the mud there, 
there was a narrow board and I put some hay on it.
Lookin up at that sky..

You gotta spend time every once and a while gettin inoculated with all those bugs that make city folks sick, because they aren't inoculated..
A Goat barn as our Friend Star recently pointed out,
is a good place to do that. 
Americans for the past 50 or so years at least have been trying to Sterilize themselves. Been made to fear little bugs they can't see.   Spend Zillions of dollars trying to keep the bugs at bay...
And what is the result,
No immunity to anything, all sorts of physical problems, leaky Gut, food allergies, and on and on.
We are meant to interact with our environment...
Not isolate ourselves from it based in Fears,
that have mostly been planted in us
so some rich fool somewhere, 
can get richer.
Don't buy the Lie.


  1. Dont buy the lie oh sooo true all those chemicals that cost so much money and goodness knows whats in them ...give me good old bi carb soda ,vinegar , all natral cleaners it works well keeps the house clean and fresh ..i wasnt all ways like this but decided we wonted more out of life we were sick of living how the jones thought we should live ( figure of speech ) we wonted simple frugal back to basics ,to cook and bake from scratch, spend less ,grow organic veg and what not ..yes we get a few strange looks and when i say oh i make my laundry detergent from scratch its very echo friendly and only cost a few cents a litre i get really weird looks but im fine with it our savings are growing and im going on so i will end it here .. but i just wish we had of took this adventure many years ago ..but better late than never :-)

  2. Way to go Primitive ole frugal mumma

  3. Time to post another Bracken and Daddy picture. I was looking at how much he has changed, from baby to boy, and soon boy to man!



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