Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Scrying, the Art of Seeing

Contemplation is not what most people think it is
when they hear the word.
A common misunderstanding of the word
is that it is a mulling around of ideas
...churning thoughts over in the head.
This isn't true Contemplation.
True Contemplation is one pointed attention
(to the exclusion of everything else)
upon a thing.
Actually there is no thought involved,
it is accomplished first through the cessation of thought....
And upon this silence the Intent takes wings
in one pointed direction.
When one contemplates a thing
the first thing that happens
is they lose track of themselves,
then they become one with that which they have contemplated,
and right then there is the experience of Bliss.

It is a form of True Knowing....
beyond silly human thought...

And it is a path to the Bliss,

that is at the Heart of all things..

Scrying is a form of contemplation.

The ego must momentarily die

if a person is to successfully scry.

Wizard of the Green's Scrying Stone on ETSY

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