Thursday, February 17, 2011

The White Dragon and the Wizard

The Wizard was terribly weakened
after his perilous Journey into
.....his Past.
The Phantoms he battled took their toll.
It seemed that with every demon he destroyed with his Golden Sword (Love)
Two more sprung forth...
Finally he had slain them all, But one
The Greatest one of them all
His darkest, deepest, most buried.......
He stood there weakly before it,
shaking and unsure of Himself
even as he saw his destination Glowing from behind the Phantom Demon.
He doubted he could lift his Golden Sword again...
His head dropped down to his chest...
and suddenly something fell at his Feet and at the same time he heard a Mighty Sound.
It was the White Dragon that enticed him upon this Journey
Long ago.....
It had come to him in his final moment of Need,
and Gave his Precious Gift.
A small yet powerful Piece of Himself.
He had bitten off his long white Claw.
The Wizard picked it up....
And his arms become strong
His Heart was that of a Lions..
And the Phantom standing before him
vanished like Smoke....
And before him, Shining like a Billion Suns
was his Destination....

Need a little Help with those Phantoms?

White Dragon Claw

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