Monday, March 28, 2011

The New Norm, and a New Song...and Let Your Light Shine

When the "NORM"

is the Collective Pretending

The Outcasts

are the ones that are Real.

As the Norm becomes Real

The Outcasts

will be the Pretenders..

I just remembered, I wrote a song today,
It's called Livin in La La Land
I plan on maybe puttin it to music and singing it with Taryn for fun.

Livin in La la Land

"Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

You are wearing the mask

Pretending the smile

And the truth of the matter is

You pretend all the while…

The pain is just too heavy

A burden you cannot bear

You’ve invented this Strategy

Of pretending it’s not there

And rather than face it

You pretend not to care..

" Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

“We’re spiritual folks

we know how to forgive”

But you are living in the dark

And that’s no way to live

Your forgiving….
is Pretending

Not facing and Living.

Forgiving is Loving,
and Knowing,
and seeing.

Time to quit pretending

And Really start being.

"Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

It can be hard to take, when folks so "close" to you,
are so totally clueless about who you are....
And the more you attempt to enlighten them with your perspective..
The more they Run in Fear....
and try and put you in a safe little box.
It's sad how much guilt get's lain on folks
for just being who they are
hurtin no one
livin to Feed the Joy
and it's lain on them from folks
who aren't being who they are,
are hurtful
and live to Feed the Fear...
Funny how that works
I think I was somebody's pet mouse in some lifetime...
Oh, yeah, that was in This Lifetime....

So you have come to a point in your evolution where you are ready to face those demons you created in the Past....
And ready to stop feeling guilt, or shame for what has gone to past.
But rather face all those judgments upon your heart and Spirit,
That you or others put in you,
With Love
We who are here are becoming Purer and purer
our Essence you could say is becoming more.... Refined...
down to it's Highest State.
And all the dense crap (Fear, drama, guilt, suffering,malice,greed,not to mention Bad food)
we just have to leave behind..
And you gotta do what you gotta do to 
Don't hide it under no bushel basket, 
you gotta let it shine..

We've been hiding our light under a Basket
because it made most folks around us
those folks we lived and grew up with,
very uncomfortable...
And they didn't much like feeling uncomfortable..
Cuz the Light gonna slap you with the Truth
And they didn't want to be seeing the Truth.
Too Painful
Because it was placed in a stone box full of Judgments.
And we have been built upon by these heavy judgments,
and everything that becomes attached to those judgments....
and it drags us down
it kills our Light..
And when your light is killed
maybe you don't want to be reminded 
by some dang Fool over there Shining Brightly,
"cuz they just don't know better."

Maybe what they Know

Yes it Is

Shine Brightly......

It's time......


  1. I always look forward to hearing what is on your mind Jeff! Light to you and yours. :)

  2. That is beautiful.
    Joy to you,



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