Monday, April 4, 2011

Is there Guilt....Without Judgment?

When our Soul
was first born
way back when
It was born into a Notion of Duality
As it was First "Split Off" of the All
It perceived itself
as separate.
It.... and
The Other...
It felt a Primal Need to Make an Expression of Itself
Unique to itself.

It sought what felt good to it...
And shunned what felt bad

Everything it Perceived
it perceived within this Duality that it had created for Itself
and shared with innumerable others.
It wandered the Valleys and Mountains of this Duality until finally one day
It found Itself

It had collected and discarded everything it Needed to finally say,
" This is who I am"
and at last really mean it.....
It understood Itself Perfectly
It knew exactly what kind of relationship it had
with everything that It perceived.
It was all perfectly defined...
Perfectly in Balance....
Everything had been Judged into
it's exact location
in relation to It....
And at that point a change occurred....
Our soul suddenly lost it's Purpose....
And it finally asked,
after an uncomfortable period 
of feeling totally Lost
"What Now?"
Then It was spun around on the Road it had traveled up for all these Lifetimes
and now it was Facing the Direction that it had come from.....
You could say that it was looking at everything that had Made it...
from the back side....
And traveling back down the road it had built upon countless dualistic judgments
was the only path available...
It had never seen it's judgments from this angle before...
And it saw how the totality of Itself
was built upon dualistic Judgments
And now, on this Path back
to the All that it split off from,
it faces all these old definitions of Itself...
And it sees all the foolish and hurtful things it did in it's quest for Unique Expression.

And it saw how past judgments of itself
even thousands of years ago,
had instilled a deep guilt within it.
And how it carried this guilt
through the millennium..
And how it carried from lifetime to lifetime
encoded in the bodies DNA
and the souls Blueprint.

and it saw how if there had been no judgment
there would have been no guilt...

And it saw all this now
from a different Direction

it saw it with Love

I have heard folks say, so many times that,
" I don't think it's important seeing your past lives, 
all that really matters is Now".
Yeah, well now you are miserable
and not aware that that misery is built upon a guilt
that you incurred 400 years ago.

If you could face it
you could love it
and set it Free..

I don't think it's so important that you need to go out and have some psychic tell you what was what...
Because until you can see it yourself...
you aren't ready to see it...
But here's the thing..
You do see it...
You just ignore it,
it exists at a frequency that you don't have to acknowledge...
Like the Fairies
We were programmed that all that was ,
"Just our Imagination"
from a very young age...
I'm very thankful, 
today a woman spoke of honoring her child's memory of past lives...
AHHH, that made my heart happy.
Don't squelch your children's Spirit
just because yours was...

It is time to stop building our Reality
upon Judgments piled like bricks in a Castle
Because that castle now is only a Prison to us
And to be Free
we must Stop Judging
And Start

There's the Path....

Let's Go.

There is no Guilt
There is no Shame
There is no Fear

without Judgment


  1. Tingling from your words.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. You are such a beautiful person. I love your writing.



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