Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Garden Day,

It was a beautiful Hot Spring day in or little piece of Heaven today.  We expected it and planned a Garden day.
A long time ago I got a huge cast iron sink for 10$ at a Garage Sale.  I wanted a garden sink and new potting area, so scrounged around for wood. Had an old Freezer door from the old Brickerville Store that the sink almost fit perfectly in...and the top of an old Picnic Table.   Well, got out the saws and drills etc...and now we havce a really primo place to plant, and clean our veggies.

Plus there is an opening with a Garbage Can under it for Trash.  Very handy.....  Tomorrow we plant seeds.
I also planted a bunch of lettuce and Collard Greens from the Greenhouse, into the ground.  Yay..

Another project was building a second Compost area next to the other one.... ( I used to have two, hmmm, must have replaced one.   But anyway now we have a nice new large area ...and one slightly smaller.  When you live in total clay, and like to gotta have animals, and you gotta make compost.

Here it is with some of the compost from the other pile moved into it, with some Rock Phosphate sprinkled on top.

   Also fertilized the Blueberries, cut down a couple small invading trees, trimmed some others, got some nice lilac wood that was all cured for making buttons, cut up some apple, and plum wood for future buttons......

All in all it was a Great Day.  Bracken fell asleep under the plum tree.  Taryn had some moments where she was just one person moving around....  First day of clothes hung on the Line...

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  1. I love the outdoor kitchen sink, great idea, and the compost heap to be looks great( Much better than mine! There are some beautiful slow worms living in my compost heap, I love compost!)
    I remember falling asleep under my neighbors plum trees as a child. Lovely.
    You have been busy!



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