Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Miracle Day, Brought to you by the Master Manifester Taryn Kae Wilson.

So, it was another day of manifesting Miracles.

A New Line of Recycled Nice Looking "Carve downs"

A couple days ago we had a dead computer
miraculously replaced by an awesome Laptop 
with wonderful capabilities, 
with very little Money required.....

I'm gonna do this design in Bronze, deep carving

A few nights ago I think it was, 
Taryn was "Writing her Ten things"...
she does this every night....
counting her blessings on paper,
being thankful. 
And sometimes she will write
what she would ask the universe for,
Something we really need.

Made from recycled door beads and placemats

Well I'm almost embarrassed to say
that we probably eat 100 pounds of blueberries a year. 
We get em real cheap,
all organic raised w/ Good Santana (the Grower) vibes,
or Freddies berries...
and from both we probably get half for free
for picking and giving them half of what we pick... 
I need a lot of em to balance out a lot of the foreign substances that invade my body in the course of my "Work".
I love breathin in all the smells of the different woods,
and the horn,
and the bone.....
Every smell touches a different place in my soul....
and those feeling run deep.
I wear a mask,
but dust is everywhere....
So, it's a good idea to just give your body a little help dealing with these things. 
And in that department, Blueberries Rock.

We TRADE a lot. 
When you have no money... trade, 
simple as that.
  Well Taryn was writing in her book,
then said that there were two things that she wanted more than anything...
Right Now.....
she said Sonia (Sonia Choquette)_ say's it's a good idea to manifest what right in front of your nose...Like, "What exactly do you need right now?"  
Sure we'd all like to be sitting in One Enlightened state....
but that might still be a few months away,
He He. 

New Yew Buttons

So Taryn writes.....
"We need to get rid of 6 goats NOW  (it really stresses her out when we exceed our Carrying Capacity....) 
And we need Blueberry Plants....... "

We been in the money head thinking place of thinking that we could maybe afford two new plants a year,
a good goal being maybe 50 plants eventually..maybe 75 depending on how close we plant em... 
Anyway so she wants to get rid of 6 goats,
and get some Blueberry plants.
And she Asks
Well she doesn't just sit back and wait for it on a silver platter, 
she puts the goats up for sale, or trade on Craigs list.. 
Someone offered a huge long roll of  1/2" rubber.... 
And it sounded like something I would one day use for something,
or a bunch of things....
But it didn't feel right,
we'd just wait and see if there were any other offers. 
We've been having NO LUCK selling em. 

    Anyway Taryn is looking on Craigs list and decides to see if anyone was selling Blueberries,
and she found someone with 3 year old plants they were selling for $ 6.75  a plant...
Really incredible price........
We were going to sell our goats for just 25$ a piece....
one in milk, the others awesome.
Well Taryn decides she's going to ask the guy with the Blueberries if he wants to trade for Goats... 
She calls em up,
finds out he's a long ways away,
up past Salem...
a 3 hour drive from here. 
But, YES, he'd be willing to trade....
We'll they are Mexicans
There's a whole bunch of em living on this big Farm
they got a lot of Soul...
anyway Mexicans LOVE Goats,
Unfortunately for the Goats they really Love to eat em....
And I gotta say I don't blame them for that, 
because there is no better tasting meat in my opinion....
except maybe a good cut of pork
,or lamb....
well, I guess I'm kinda hungry right now.... 
and have digressed.
OK, so I haven't gotten one speck of Creating artwork to sell this week,
and it's goin on Thursday...
Sunday we were visitin w/folks here....and there.
Monday had to go to the big city cuz the computer died and can't do bid nid without it,
so drifted to Eugene on a miracle that day, 
then the next day spent mostly getting that tool up to speed....
I lost a lot,
I lost Photoshop....... 
That was a good tool,
now I'm trying out some freeware thing that....
well, it's not Photoshop, but seems to have some good qualities....
I just gotta learn it....
Anyway, Then today we went for a short 6 hour drive 
AND TRADED OUR GOATS FOR 23 INCREDIBLY HEALTHY 3 YEAR OLD Duke Blueberry plants in nice sturdy 2 gallon pots.
Plants like that sell around here for around 30 dollars a piece, 
so I think that's about 700 dollars we would have had to spend, 
spread over a bunch of years...
according to the old plan. 

We were singing a little song I made up
a simple little song
but effective... 

" I Accept
I Accept
I most Heartfully accept

Thank You "

But we haven't really come up with a tune that works yet....
Anyway, it was another day of miracles....

and I'm trying to learn to not always be in such a hurry
feeling like I'm always
"running behind" in my "Work"

I want to have all my patterns for bronze carved right now,
I want them molded,
and I want to make wax copies to send to the foundry to cast.
I want to have them back, put a patina on them, inlay some...Back some of them with woods.
I can't wait to inlay the gold bronze with Lapis. 
It brings back some Egyptian Lifetime feelings and memories.
I want that all done about 3 weeks ago... he he
but seriously.
So I'm learning that Everything really does happen in it's time.
Every moment is equally sacred
is equally Life
and equally deserving of our appreciation.

We can spend so much time
worrying about the future
based on fears created in our past
That we can't  fully appreciate the total Miracle
That this very moment
Right Now 

I was saying to Taryn today,
"Can you imagine what the world would be like
if folks could learn the sacred key of contemplation"
(real contemplation)
Which is not just observing and manipulating data mentally....
that's not what contemplation is
Contemplation is the end result,
"Identification" with, 
or becoming One with....
that which is being contemplated..

Because when one learns this skill,
they can know the Joyful thing,
at the Heart of everything we can Perceive.

And imagine a world where we Know the Love in every thing..

How that would change things...

It's time to  recognize what is within....
and the Same
within all of Us..
And Love and Honor that Light
And to recognize what is on the outside
and different with each of us
and love and honor that Diversity.

Sameness was never the goal...
Oneness is ever the Goal...

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