Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everything is Sacred and The Magical Computer Experience

So I was washing a huge pile of dishes last night...
It had piled up because we had to make a rush trip to Eugene to get a refurbished computer....
mine crashed....
Maybe I'll talk about that magical experience here too.
  Anyway I was doin this huge stack of dishes....
And I was settin all the biggest plates on the bottom,
then big bowls,
then little bowls,
then cups...
in this pile, gettin em soaking.
I got into this wonderful Zen Flow.
We have a deal on the faucet nozzle that can shut the water on and off...
really cool,
just flick the hand and it's on...
flick it off, 
real smooth and easy.
So Basically you only need to have water running,
when you need the water.
So with everything set in the sink in this most Zen way I put a little soap on the Brush, and started washing my way down the stack.
The suds from the first dish, soaking the second.
  I managed to do this Huge stack of dishes and pans and utensils, with just two little tiny squirts of soap. 
And then I realized that the soap was sacred,
and so was the Hot Water flowing freely..
.and so was the quiet of the moment..
And I felt another world,
where there was no hot water,
or soap,
or Quiet moment....
and I saw how special all the simple things that fill my Life are....
And how sacred Everything IS.

I'll tell you the Magical Computer Experience:
Day b4 yesterday I came down in the morning hoping to check my email and find out that we'd sold something on ETSY. My Screen was Black, the computer was running... but no Picture on the screen.  Well I started and restarted over and over hoping it would kick in....
Now I had a ton of pictures of our stuff and patterns for my work, lot's of personal writing, a book I wrote a long time ago...and a bunch of other really important stuff in there.... NO GO, dead. Cra!,
Well I had a back-up drive with my writings and some pics stored on it....so maybe I could save some of it.( Turned out that was also Toasted)
That night our friends Lara and Spencer and the Sweet twins came over on their way back from a camping trip on the Coast. We got to talkin and they told us about this place that sold refurbished one's really cheap....COOL
So we got up early yesterday and I made a quick breakfast for us and fed the animals, and we took off to Eugene.    Keep in mind, we have very little money.... but we had Faith, he he.  So we get there and they have tons. I was lookin for a Desktop and needed pretty good speed and lots of Ram for the graphic work I do.... They had tons, even Macs....really cheap, but none came up to what I needed..and I don't need all that much..and I'm slowly learning that getting something that doesn't work the way you want it to....is a waste of time and money.... So kinda discouraged I was gonna just look around at other cool stuff while Taryn went and fed Bracken in the Truck.. I didn't really want a Laptop...always seemed too fragile, and small. But they had some there so I looked.  YIKES, there was this amazing computer, had everything I needed and some things I could have only dreamed of....and there it was, and I could afford it...  Anyway so I got it. It blows my old desktop away for speed and ability to handle a lot of files all at once.  It rocks.  I hooked it into my old keyboard and moniter and mouse and I'm back at it. Gotta work ETSY, gotta Flow from my soul out into my Blogs...and there it was. So I decided to see if I could transfer the stuff off my 500 gig external backup, save some of my Cyber Life. I plugged it in, hooked it up....then it sounded like a radio, like it was playing some music from another country...what the heck, and it wasn't working... JEEZE..... I kept trying, it just kept playing foreign music...toasted, just like my computer, it refused to go forth and multiply... CRAP, did I say CRAP YET!  So I decided to tear it apart, see if I could fix something.   I got it apart and as I suspected it was just a 500 gig hard drive hooked up to a little bit of electronics.   SO    I hear this Message.   Put your original Hard Drive into this USB external dealy bob.  Hooked it up, turned it on, and heard the sweet HUM of a happy healthy Hard Drive.
SO, MY computer, not the hard drive was the problem. (That old computer was practically counter productive anyway, so good riddence I say. ) 
So now I had access to my old Hard Drive and everything I needed, and just needed to transfer it to my Blazin Hot Wonder Machine. 
So now here I sit, back up drive and old computer Toasted.....and with My Blazin Hot Wonder Machine in my Lap......  And now I can now take it upstairs and Taryn and I can both do our computer work together.It doesn't crash at least twice a day...it's fast..... Life Rocks...

Sure would be nice to have the printer hooked up Wireless..... another day.

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  1. I'm so glad you found one there! It sounds like a total wonder machine! Yeah for recycling!



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