Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Place for the Really Trippy Stuff

OK, this Blog was originally mostly for the Business.... but I'm a weird guy and can't keep that to myself anymore, so I created a new blog where I'll put all the trippy stuff. It's called Mystic in Purgatory which is the name of a book I started writing a long time ago.... but has a long ways to go.  I made an INDEX on the right of the Home Page here that will take you to the different articles there, and you can follow that blog if you are interested in all the really ....um.... not mainstream stuff.  Or you can just follow the links in the index on the right for specific articles..   I've just scared folks for most of my life whenever I spoke Honestly...So if you can handle it, check that out....I'm gonna keep it mellower here so I don't scare off BidNid.  He he.

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