Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to the Garden A Souls Journey...Judge No More

It just occurred to me what it is that causes the human soul to be separated from the All.

What instigated the Switch from the One....
to a Dualist Reality ?

It was a Judgment.....

An idea of separation..

And upon a souls first judgment
a world of darkness and Light is formed...
a duality.

And this souls world expands outward
upon more judgments
"that is bad, I shun that"
"that is good,
I desire it."
Chasing a Dream in Duality...
Running from the Garden....
Running to a Dream

But a point in the souls evolution arrives one day
when it is as far as it can possibly get from "the Garden".
And at that point,
the direction changes...
The soul turns and looks back..
And then:
The soul learns to withhold Judgment....

And follows the Crumbs
of it's past judgments,
looking lovingly at them
(without guilt or shame)
and following this trail of crumbs
Back to the Garden.

If you are lookin for your way back to the Garden
Follow the crumbs of your Judgments
and Judge no More..


  1. I like what you have said in this post,and I relate to it. In fact it fills me with hope, thank you- Trish

  2. Hi,Jef this is tomo from Japan.
    I like checking your blog.It is nice.
    Im still livimg in Japan and i do not know when Im going back to the U.S. I love living here but i miss Oregon too.

    how is your new baby? say hi to Taryn.


  3. Hi Tomo, Nice to hear from you. I've been thinking about you since the Earthquake, hope all is wonderful. Taryn and Bracken are Great. Oregon misses you too.
    Many blessings, Jeff

  4. Hi Trish, you are welcome...thanks for dropping by.



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