Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips on Country Living

For those new to Country Living:
If you raise livestock of any kind in the Country,
you can not call your place a Farm or a Ranch
unless you have at least one Dog.

  Otherwise you have to call it
a Predator Feeding Station.....

Having two retarded dogs I wish this wasn't the case....

But it is.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, knowing what it probably means. We lost a LOT of our little bantam chickens to hawks until we started leaving our heeler dog outside all day to keep an eye on them. Wish we could have him train your guys!

  2. I was chastised for using the word Retarded because it might offend some developmentally disabled folks...... So I responded this way
    My dogs are Retarded... A word is a word. If I worried about everyones choice of things to be offended by, I wouldn't be able to speak. Are people of the African lineage Negro, African American, Black,Colored, ..... When I was young they were called Negro, without taking offense...then it changed to African American, then it was Black, but the last time I said Black I got in trouble. When I speak of my retarded dogs I am not addressing folks with Downs syndrome or whatever else (who I generally find superior to the average population in all ways that matter). Keep in mind that those who take offense are rarely those who suffer with Downs or whatever, rather it's generally those who have taken up these sweet folks as a cause. When there is no offense in the intention, there should be no offense taken. I too have worked with Developmentally Disabled (or whatever the politically correct term is these days) , and for that matter one of my best friends Growing up was ,"Retarded". For anyone who knows a "retarded" person, they know what the term means.... Sweet, gentle, not disposed towards most of the negative human nastiness. In my book the word Retarded, when used to define an animal....means worthless...... if I were to use it to define a human, it would never be in relation to a "developmentally disabled" person. If I was using it in such a context I would have every right to be chastised.... but I wasn't. Should I not say, Black when referring to a Dark place because it might offend an African American.... Should I not call my Goose a Honker because some Skinhead might take it personal.... Should I not call my dog giving birth a Bitch because it offends women the world over.... Should I not call the Huckleberry Plant outside my window a Bush, because it feels the word means Moronic imbecile.

  3. Yeah Peter...my dogs aren't just stupid, but they're Chicken.... But I better not say that, it'll offend the chickens.

  4. I think that anyone who has read your blog would know you meant no harm, Never mind!
    Sorry to hear about your dogs uselessness at being helpful regarding the protection of your livestock. How very upsetting for you all if you have lost some.
    Much love to the three of you.

  5. Hi Trish, yeah our dogs just sat there as our whole flock of chickens was being brutally murdered. Just laid on the porch. I just happened to wake up and notice the motion activated light I had down there was on so knew something was happening.... got out there with my gun to see the eyes shine then disappear....by then it was too late. Our dogs are really good at two things...eating vast amounts of food....and pooping long drawn out rows of poop in our walking paths.... Not the best qualities for dogs, OH yeah, and barking at every single thing in the universe, except for threats .I'd give em away and start over but there isn't anyone I hate that much. I wonder if George W Bush needs some dogs... HMMM, well I don't hate the dogs that much.



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